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Rching for God you eventually find yourselfPraise for Gradually to God“As the son of a pastor I know all about 'conversion' experiences that give us bragging rights when we can name the time and place our lives were dramatically transformed In Gradually to God Doug presents an eually authentic approach to knowing God that of gaining insights confidence and faith that comes over time Dan Miller Author 48 Days to the Work You LoveDoug Wahl is passionate He's passionate about life about relationships and most importantly about God In this book you will enjoy hearing his story of faith and doubt joy and misery and how these emotions affected his journey toward God It wasn't always easy it never is And if didn't happen overnight it rarely does But in this raw and real mem

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Oir you get a front row seat viewing of Doug's gradual steps of faith Jason Malec New Denver ChurchThis a book with great insight into a REAL journey with God It is a thought provoking and honest book that shows believers and nonbelievers alike that God is listening and desires to have an ongoing relationship with us Wade Morris Wade Morris MinistriesABOUT THE AUTHORDoug Wahl is an award winning broadcast journalist In a sixteen year career he's covered the news in Michigan Minnesota Oklahoma New Mexico Louisiana and North Carolina He is also Starting Point facilitator at Port City Community Church in Wilmington North Carolina To contact Doug to read hs blog and fnd out about the Gradually to God movement including ordering paperback copies you can go to his website at

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Some people grow up with the foundation of faith thanks to their parents Others find it later in life perhaps in a single instant – like a flash of light This book is written for the rest of us for those whose spiritual journey started later in life and moved at a far gradual paceDoug Wahl understands the struggle of searching for God As an Atheist he stayed away from anything dealing with church or religionuntil one day he needed God Gradually to God is partly a memoir but it is also a spiritual workbook for those trying to make a similar transition You'll learn how to navigate around the hurdles and roadblocks that often times appear on the road to faith And of course you learn about a God that won't let go or give up In the end you'll discover that when you go sea

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    Honest and light an ordinary smart guy's faith reformation story First this says Michael but Mike is my husband I am praying Mike reads this next though There is only one obvious problem for me I am Roman Catholic and Doug fails to understand Mary properly It cost a star That should not trouble the writer overly

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    The book reads like a personal journal It has uestions at the end of the chapters that would be helpful in a small groupbible study

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