[ebook] Thunder Over the Reich by Wolfgang Wollenweber

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Thunder Over the Reich

This vividly told story from one of Germany's most experienced jet pilots provides an insider's view of.

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Ffe from the happy hunting on the Russian front to its final disintegration defending the German homelan.

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Not only the revolutionary Heinkel He 162 jet fighter but also about the changing fortunes of the Luftwa.

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    I am surprised to see nobody reviewed this book already Let me first say I only read memoirs from soldiers of the German army and this is my first review This is the second book about the Luftwaffe the first one I read was I flew for the Führer I like this one much better The other book is pretty dry merely a logbookIt's about a fighter bomber pilot who flew the Me 110 we follow him in the North after that he gets to fly he Heinkel 162

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    A well written tale of a Luftwaffe pilot rising from fledgling to accomplished pilot flying the first jets

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