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review Incestuous Workplace: Stress and Distress in the Organizational Family

Incestuous Workplace: Stress and Distress in the Organizational Family

Of organizations and employees The Incestuous Workplace works both as an operations guide for sustaining organizational health within environments that are increasingly turbulent and threatening and as a personal survival manual for those who find themselves in destructive work environments I strongly recommend this text for all administrators managers and supervisors I encourage you to read and implement the concepts developed within this book They are challenging and they will work for youDonald J Mockenhaupt LICSW ACSW Director Mental HealthChemical Dependency Division Ramsey County H

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In this thoroughly revised expanded and updated edition of William L White's classic Incest in the Organizational Family the author takes a close hard look inside today's workplace He offers a brilliant and powerful indictment of the debilitating conseuences of business as usual revealing the incestuous dynamic in which organizational members isolated from the outside world increasingly meet their personal professional social and even sexual needs inside the boundary of the organizational family White then offers bold and innovative strategies designed to restore the health and vitality

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Uman Services Department St Paul Minnesota This down to earth treatise on toxic work environments sounds the alarm to balance the demands of business with the limits of the human condition beforecasualties mountMarilyn R Peterson MS Author of At Personal Risk Boundary Violations in Professional Client Relationships Bill White is America's foremost thinker in the area of incest dynamics found in the workplace and also the source of the most creative solutions to this problemGary Schoener Author and organizational consultant Executive Director Walk In Counseling Center Minneapolis Minnesot

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  • Incestuous Workplace: Stress and Distress in the Organizational Family
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  • 28 March 2019
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    Want to know why you are unhappy at work OBTW this is Richard writing thisI am a Family Physician and I understand family systems The foundation of the work compares organizational dysfunction to family dysfunction It is a rational and easy to read book It helped me understand the dynamics of my workplace and realize I needed to leave my job Don't get me wrongthis is not the advise of the author Once understanding the workplace is covered

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    The incestuous workplace seems to be on the rise and not many have written about it This book reveals much about the dynamics and problems that can and does arise when an incestuous workplace develops It euips the reader with insight and will help you avoid the pitfalls Essential reading for anyone studying organisations bullying etc

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