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COOLER HEADS is a raucous and completely unexpected crime story that takes place on Martha's Vineyard Island in the dead of winter A Caucasian Lapwing perhaps the last specimen of a bird species tho.

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Cooler Heads

Ught to be long extinct makes a surprise appearance on the island completely disrupting the life of Ned Donlin lone caretaker of the Music Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary With the bird's arrival comes a h.

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Orde of colorful outside influences most of them threatening to destroy Ned's peaceful island existence Every step Ned takes to defend his sheltered life on Martha's Vineyard stirs up greater calami.

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    A colorful list of characters I read the book because I live on the Vineyard I doubt I will read another in this s

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    Lots of fun a fast paced and clever book think Guy Ritchie movies

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