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Mayday by William Faulkner

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Faulkner s little 1929 book called Mayday languished unknown for half a century before its popular trade edition was finally published in 1976 Carvel Collins introduction is almost as long as Faulkner s text Which is okayCollins writings about Faulkner are not always satisfactory as we saw in his 1962 introduction to William Faulkner Early Prose and Poetry He tends to drop ramshackle hints here and there about his subject s life than he provides a chronological and connected accounting of the biographical information that would be most useful to know On the other hand when he does finally settle down here the thoughts and ideas he s trying to convey about Mayday are interesting albeit they are not always strictly creditableCollins main theme when he eventually finds it is that Faulkner used Mayday as a kind of template for his composition of the last section of The Sound and the Fury which we may refer to as uentin s solilouy Indeed Collins does cite some intriguing parallels between the two texts The metaphor can easily be extended beyond the breaking point however I recall an argument advanced in Faulkner in the University for example that The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay Dying must be closely connected because they both feature a girl with serious life problems the girl has three brothers and the parents have pressing concerns of their own a terminally pressing concern in the case of Addie Bundren Collins makes a parallel argument here He tells us that as we find uentin Compson s case to be in The Sound and the Fury the protagonist of Mayday Galwyn of Arthgyl is suspended between two brother figures the red design of Pain and the green design of Hunger eg Jason and Benjy while he pursues into futility his idealized woman figure with long shining hair who reminds him of hyacinths in spring and honey and sunlight Caddy Now it s true that we can look at these fundamental and recurring relationships as some kind of prime pattern that Faulkner kept exploring But we may also reflect a small handful of characters like these are relatively easy for both reader and writer to keep track of and invest with plausible soul and dimensionality It s possible that we or Collins might perceive connections or parallels where no connections or parallels exist Both perspectives are sound I am not fully persuaded by Collins point of view but I do find the notion intriguingI m skeptical when Collins goes on to apply Freud to The Sound and the Fury and extends this dubious theory backward into Mayday however Collins asserts that Benjy represents the id uentin the ego and Jason the superego If Jason represents the superego then either Collins or I have a fundamental misunderstanding of what that term is supposed to signify I don t have any problem with a critic analyzing a work from a Freudian perspective or from a Marxist perspective or from a feminist perspective I do find it laughable however to think that Faulkner deliberately concocted the characters of The Sound and the Fury to represent well partitioned Freudian chambers of the mind Nevertheless it may be that Collins theory does make a little sense in the case of Mayday which after all is something frankly akin to a medieval allegory or fairy tale And yet even here the task of assigning Freud s terms to Galwyn and his red and green design companions is hardly a self evident exercise indeed the red and the green are so interchangeable it is in fact impossible to know which one is like Benjy and which one is like Jason Connotations associated with the words Hunger and Pain are probably helpful but the characteristics ie traits deriving from their characters of these two bit players cannot be said to map easily onto their alleged counterparts in that other bookSo Collins does dredge up a few ponderables in his introduction but what is probably most important is his information concerning the degree to which Faulkner s text leans heavily on the works of the Virginian James Branch Cabell so heavily Collins insinuates that I feel a bit remiss talking about Mayday without tracking down and reading Cabell s The Line of Love and perhaps one or two other novels of his as well But so be it The theme of The Line of Love Collins tells is is that of the illusions of idealized romantic love being inevitably overthrown by disillusioning reality This theme is central to Mayday I have no dispute with thatHere I leave Collins for FaulknerIt s helpful to know the debt Faulkner owes to Cabell because absent that knowledge this little book appears to be a real enigma In style it is nothing like either the hapless poetry we ve seen before now or the well known Southern regionalist prose that is soon to come Mayday is a curiosity not a text we would expect to find under Faulkner s name It s a rather bizarre fairy tale of uncertain interpretation It is true that our hero Galwyn appears to be on a uest for the perfect woman for his soul mate One by one as he effects short lived liaisons with fetching ladies Galwyn is disillusioned as the unobtainable is obtained Each would be leading lady proves far too human and therefore tedious to him One by one he leaves them behind His accompanying sidekicks Pain and Hunger seem to offer very little support or insight during the uest perhaps they should be seen less as sidekicks than as hangers on Pain and Hunger are the companions we all have during our various trips through the world through lifeBracketing the action of the tale are a pair of curious settings and encounters or rather probably the story is not linear but circular Galwyn returns finally to his point of origin and encounters again the same warden of the uest Saint Francis who was there at the beginning Saint Francis stands as a tree by the River of Life wherein all the history of the world is recorded Reading of this river I could not keep from conjuring up visions of a similar river in Hermann Hesse s 1922 novel Siddhartha In the space of these few handfuls of pages it seems that Galwyn has passed his entire allegorical life moving away from birth and toward death If for no other reason then with reference to the Canticle of the Sun Faulkner has selected Saint Francis as the warden of the adventure in order that he may identify the final object of Galwyn s life uest as Little sister DeathI must note that while Collins coming at Faulkner s allegory from a Christian tradition makes much of Galwyn s despair and suicide I find neither here Instead Saint Francis reuires Galwyn to make a choice which strikes me as not being too Christian a concept One path Galwyn may choose is to undergo an act of reincarnation in which he will retain no memory of his most recent life and its various disillusionments He will start afresh at birth a tabula rasa To know what experiences he can expect one need only return to the first page of Mayday and start reading again Presumably Galwyn has already made this choice many times at the ends of many previous lifetimes The alternative path before Galwyn is to put an end to the endless cycling by finally merging with his romantic ideal I see weariness in our hero yes but neither despair nor suicide Instead Galwyn chooses to put an end to the karmic cycles of rebirth and according to another tradition he achieves nirvanaMy uestion now is this Having read Collins speculations and having arrived at tentative conclusions of my own when next I re read The Sound and the Fury will I see uentin s choice through the filter of an Eastern tradition

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William Cuthbert Faulkner was a Nobel Prize winning American novelist and short story writer One of the most influential writers of the twentieth century his reputation is based mostly on his novels novellas and short stories He was also a published poet and an occasional screenwriterThe majority of his works are set in his native state of Mississippi Though his work was published as early

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    To my notion man is a buzzing fly blundering through a strange world seeking something he can neither name nor recognize and probably will not wantOn January 27 1926 William Faulkner completed and dated a slim handwritten m

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    A fable and a very different Faulkner experience

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    Faulkner's little 1929 book called Mayday languished unknown for half a century before its popular trade edition was finally published in 1976 Carvel Collins' introduction is almost as long as Faulkner's text Which is okayCollins' writings about Faulkner are not always satisfactory as we saw in his 1962 introduction to William Faul

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    Regardless of whatever critical acrobatics some may attempt this little tale seems pretty inconseuential within the corpus of Faulkner’s canon It is however or so it seems to me profoundly illustrative of the devolution of

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    Man should beware of Experience as he should beware of all women for with her or without her he will be miserable but without her h

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    Prima che nascesse L'urlo e il furore l'idea di uentin aveva già preso posto nella mente di Faulkner Calendimaggio è un racconto che l'autore scrisse disegnò e rilegò personalmente nel 1926 È «una storia d'a scritta e

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    Invaluable There is like absolutely ZERO criticism that I managed to find about this book and it kind of sucks because it sheds some much needed light on The Sound and the Fury EDIT 3210 Was thinking about this yesterday or the day before The protagonist who's kind of like an anti hero but not really the reversal at the end changes his characterization a bit and the way his two traveling partners accompany him mirrors the way the Compson f

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    good uick read

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