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A tournament approaches All around the world great clans and sects prepare their d. I simply love this series I can t put it down I was going to go slow and I can t stopThere s little way to talk about book 6 with Spoilers soSpoilers1st I have a huge uestion Jumping from Gold to Underlord is supposed to be the most difficult to bridge I have to ask is Eithan really only an Underlord I think he s hiding something He hasn t advanced this whole time and he s so amazing that I can t see him not making Overlord by this point He is probably higher and pretends to be Underlord That is what I m thinking Even if he s not he needs to jump up a level too He should be able to level up I m so curious about himI could use about this world and about these characters Dig in and let s see some human connection besides simply fighting and fighting At this point I love the rise of Yerin and Lindon but it s difficult to believe that they can rise this fast when most mortals are not I know the story gives plausible ways to show them advance but it just seems that other people would do the same Still I love it and I am disappointed if Lindon doesn t level up each bookSo the Akura Sage Charity invites to weak parts of her kingdom who never go to this famous tournament because they are too weak to come to her special valley with all these resources and there they can advance their youngs ones to overlord It s inside a portal of somekind We learn why Mercy left home and why she is de powered We meet new villains They are Underlords fighting Truegolds and it makes them look real slimy and weak We know by the end of this spring our heroes will be Underlords and it s so exciting to see how it happens The Skysworn finally accept them and stop persecuting them At the end of the story Lindon does make Underlord but he is recruited to be on the Akura team for the tournament and she will have to compete against Yerin It s a sad parting We do see that Eithan is going to be in the tournament as well I still think he needs to advance to stay ahead of his students but anyway My favorite part of the story is a few pages at the end when we are back in sacred Valley and we see Lindon s sister again who is only a Jade and advanced for that valley She runs into Orthos the turtle and we see them about to fight together I want of that I want to see the reaction when Orthos tells Lindon s family that he made it to Gold and was about to advance to Underlord I want to see the amazement on their faces and hear what they say Some crazy stuff is going down with Suriel the Abideon I assume she is like some angel type figure on the path I don t really understand what s going on but I guess we will Will was putting these out 2 times a year and now he is down to 1x a year I don t want to have to wait and they are so short I wish it was still 2 times a year because I hate having to wait when you are in a series There are problems with this and it s not perfect but it sure is entertaining and I love it I want to finish this up I am having the most fun reading this story right now It s like a DAn Brown book I simply can t stop with them Well next is the tournament and I have heard that the book ends in the middle of it so I don t know if I should start it or not I wonder how much he will advance Is Suriel going to ask him and his crew to join the Abideon Will Lindon become a Monarch We only know of a few levels He has to go to Overlord Archlord or Sage then Herald and finally Monarch We don t know anything about a Monarch and they are powerful enough they can change reality and create pocket worlds We still don t know what is going to threaten Sacred VAlley probably a dreadgod and how will Lindon save them all I can t wait to find all this stuff outI do wish there was in this and character development The pacing can be too fast at times and I want These books could be 500 pages for me I will probably start the next one even if I should wait

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Isciples to fight against one another in a competition of young Underlords Even th. Shut up and take my

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E Blackflame Empire is drawn in but their youth are not strong enough to compete Y. Underlord is an unputdownable pedal to the floor rush of a book It manages to tick all the boxes Fan fing tastic action a pace that fast does not adeuately describe and characters that are unforgettable Now all of these characteristics are part of Will Wight s standard bag of tricks But in addition to all of these this book also has way humour than in previous iterations which went a long way in making the uber fast pace comfortable to read I also liked how Linden actually has some significant character development in this book And this goes well with the theme of the book which is that advancing to Underlord is less about power and strength though those matter and about discovering who you are truly are As a result our favourite characters all has to discover confront and accept their true purposes in life I really liked this change in level reuirements since it makes the characters do something that they have not done beforeThe book has a pulse pounding climax The ending is uite disruptive and moves the story into new areas which I am totally itching to read

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    455 starsThe release of Underlord last year marked the exact moment I decided I have to read Cradle this year and I can agree that this is the best of the series so farTo elaborate upon what sparked my curiosity further Underlord has a consistent and insanely high rating ever since its publication day During the time of posting this review

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    Such insane power Such insane fun That in a nutshell is the Cradle series and Underlord is its current pinnacleUnderlord was everything that its title promised adoring fans including yours truly and so much The Prologue was so ridiculously epic it gave me goosebumps and all the awesomeness that was the Cradle ser

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    I simply love this series I can't put it down I was going to go slow and I can't stopThere's little way to talk about book 6 with Spoilers soSpoilers1st I have a huge uestion Jumping from Gold to Underlord is supposed to be the mos

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    The name of this book and what it suggests is killing me with anticipationAfter reading Honestly I'm relieved I was worried that something would go wrong and I wouldn't like it but it's even better than I thought it would be I'm not going to do a real review but I might after rereading it a few times All the stuff below will be random thoughts and stream of consciousness stuff Don't expect ualityuestionsview sp

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    Shut up and take my 💰💰💰

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    POSSIBLE SPOILERS CONTAINED WITHINThis book is wonderful I loved it as much as the last 5 The epilogue THE EPILOGUE Woah guys I can’t wait for the next installment in the Cradle series Lindon Yerin and Mercy’s transfo

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    My first full 5 stars in the Cradle seriesThis book had it all I cheered I cried tears of sadness and of joy I wished for the book to strech further so I could prolong the fun and emotional ride I embarked on And I laughed out loud guys you don't want to miss out the Bloopers at the end of the amazing epilogue BLOOPERSI hope I'll have the time to write something coherent soon

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    Underlord is an unputdownable pedal to the floor rush of a book It manages to tick all the boxes Fan fing tastic action a pace that 'fast' does

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    Executive Summary This is might be my favorite of the series thus far and it's at least the best book since Blackflame Full Review I really loved this book and this series I think if I had started reading it during the weekend it cam

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    5 star reread in anticipation of book 8 coming out in October Love this series

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