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Contemporary way about overpowering passion for creativity and expression as well as understanding and loss Ultimately it’s about abiding love giving it and receiving it in this lifetime and beyond

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A Star Is Born

HE was a rock star who had it all his talent fading into an endless torrent of whiskey women and pills SHE was a signer songwriter just launching her career a chance meeting and she would discover the

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Possibility and perils of love In Hollywood when A STAR IS BORN the Gods reuire a sacrifice and so begins the universal struggle for fame and fortune for having it all It’s a classic tale told in a

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    This book is very boring to me especially going and coming from their place in the dessert He had so many demons he could not deal with and tried to escape them through drugs and alcohol She was someone whose talents are just waiting to catch a break with singing and songwriting She catches that break when Jack discovers her They fall in love He helps her become famous and then it seems like he wants her to let it go and be with