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Orld The Shadow Keeper knows all too wellDevastated by the loss of their friends in war a soldier and his dog drift aimlessly until they stumble upon a Mirage and in it find hop.

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The Shadow Collection

Four short stories woven from the fabric of the shadowsAnonymity in a perfect society makes one man dream of The World InsideTime is a precious commodity in the distant future s.

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O where else should one obtain wasted time than now The Intervallic Man finds a treasure troveWhat feeds on the energy of failed dreams and lost aspirations left behind in our w.

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    As anyone who has ever studied composition can tell you writing a short story is no easy trick The author has to get the attention of the reader in a few sentences or lose the reader completely The writing must be efficient there is no time for wasted wordsWendy Rush is up to the task in both regards and the reader at least this one is rewarded with clever thought provoking often mysterious sometimes sweet entertainmentMs Rush is

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    Very good read Creepy and entertaining Highly recommend