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After the base chakra energy has grounded us the sacral chakra looks at creativity sexuality and vitality the solar chakra our personal power and then the heart chakra explores our love acceptance and compassion This fifth book in the series is about the throat chakra and deals with communication issues Working with the chakras self development issues of emotional physical mental and spiritual growth are explored throughout this series By healing old negative fixations and replacing.

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Throat Chakra The Chakra Series #5

Ing psychology and psychotherapy went on to run personal development groups and work in therapy Most of all she loves art and nature and is deeply concerned about the planetThe book includes 42 high uality colour pictures suitable for viewing on a Kindle Fire or in the Kindle viewer on Windows Mac iPad and iPhone and Android tablets and phones For best viewing experience set words per line to max On portable devices set device to switch between portrait and landscape when it is rotat.

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Dysfunctional processes with vibrant chakra energyThis series is holistic a mind body spirit process offering a few choice words and maximum visual effect The series of seven books on each of the main chakras has plenty of colourful illustration It includes drawings symbols chakra images and colourful mandalas It also offers a guide to awakening and keeping the chakras open in healthy alignment Viv Rosser first trained as a primary school teacher of the creative arts Then after study.

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    Short and SweetThis is not an in depth analysis of the throat chakra but rather a beautifully visualized introduction took it There are many thought provoking interpretations and it definitely brings a focus too

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    Very good combination of spiritual and psychology excellent

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