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Granny Yaga follows the switchback adventures of a boy called Danya Danny born in Eastern Europe but now living in north London where the local she dragons are notorious fighters and any alert passer by can spot Granny herself flying low over the British Museum Danny becomes Granny s aide de camp in a l.

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Granny Yaga

Its neighbouring Soviet satellite a land of cruel edicts and capricious tsars where the workers are permanently drunk and the loo seats belonging to each family in a communal flat hang side by side on the wall like luckless horseshoes A gripping read for all ages from Danny s to Granny s Hilary Spurlin.

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Ife or death duel with the demon Koshchei fought out on the London underground in disused stations boarded up houses and the enchanted skies over Crouch End with back up from the relatively orthodox magic of Yesterdayland huts on chicken legs talking cats self catering tablecloths and the realpolitik of.

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