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Vanessa London presents another exciting story in the series Puppy Boys in Training Kayla's remote compound resonates with activity and excitement as final preparations are made for the up coming Dog and Pony Show 'Caught Puppy Boys in Training 3' picks up several months after the action packed breeding of Tamara Having been bound to a breeding frame humiliated and mounted by a large pony stud she is further frightened by the thought she might be pregnant Work continues at Mistress Kayla's special training facility Invitations to the show are sen.

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Caught Puppy Boys In Training Book 3

T out to an elite group of wealthy clients Many of these powerful people own their own personal 'pets' some of which are housed year around at the compound Other owners bring their pets to compete in the show Clients come to enjoy a surprising variety of services provided by the large selection of available pups and ponies in training Master Carter and his family put Scoundrel and Sassy through their paces exploring each and every delightful part of the two new pups Beau and Max have finished their show training and are ready to bring home a blue.

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Ribbon for their mistresses With guests at the ranch puppies and ponies provide stimulating displays of bondage and other sensual visions to entertain Mistress Kayla's powerful buyers A top notch security team maintains the privacy of the ranch's residents and wealthy clients Unexpected intruders bring excitement to the compound giving the human and 'pet' security staff a chance to show off The addition of surprise 'volunteers' provide Kayla's elite hand picked training staff another opportunity to mold two arrogant males into exotic obedient pe.