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    Hats and Doctors is a collection of Hindi and Urdu short stories by Upendranath Ashk translated by Daisy Rockwell The stories are set in India at a time when trains had an Intermediate class and a Third Class and when Lahore wasn't a city acro

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    I haven't had the pleasure of reading Ashk in his original Hindi but didn't feel terribly deprived having to read him in translation What's stayed with me as I read through the stories is the sharp yet non judgemental gaze of the author as he exposes the foibles of his characters their motives and s and habits In each story I was left feeling Can't think of a bigger accolade to an anthology of short stories

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Free read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Upendranath Ashk

R While Ashk’s satirical eye is employed to great effect in ‘The Cartoon Hero’ where a hapless traveller encounters a petty politician on a train his talent for capturing human frailties is amply evident in ‘Furlough’ and ‘In the Insane Asylum’ two thought provoking stories that later became part of his novel Girti.

Summary Hats and Doctors

Hats and Doctors

Divarein And finally stories such as ‘Mr Ghatpande’ and ‘Hats and Doctors’ give the reader a glimpse of some of Ashk’s primary personal preoccupations his health and his hats Exhibiting a lightness of touch and a deep engagement with the human condition these stories come alive in Daisy Rockwell’s delightful translati.

Free read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Upendranath Ashk

Hats and Doctors offers English readers the opportunity to savour for the first time the work of Upendranath Ashk one of Hindi literature’s best known and most controversial authors The stories in this collection often display a wry sense of humour such as ‘The Dal Eaters’ in which a family of cheapskates journeys to Kashmi.