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Wishes his brother Jurgis was with him but knows his sibling's disappearance is something he should force out of his mind But when Petras takes work as a tiger trapper and Myko discovers the den of the last tigers the family are thrust into a fight over the last of these beautiful wild beasts that will force dark secrets to the surface and pit son against fath. I ve read lots of other books by Tony Black He generally writes crime thrillers mostly set in Edinburgh This is a re

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The Last Tiger

As Van Diemen's Land Myko wonders what will become of them as he watches his father Petras and mother Daina become anxious about how they will survive in this new land where tigers roam Myko has never seen a tiger before except in his picture books and is filled with fear as stories of the tigers' vicious attacks upon the island's settlers are retold to him He. It sounded interesting but failed to keep my attention

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A Tasmanian set tale about a family of Lithuanian immigrants and the secrets they bring with them to Van Dieman's LandIt's 1910 and 12 year old Myko and his family have fled the Czarist occupation of their native Lithuania for the freedom of America only to discover their ship has arrived in Tasmania the once notorious prison island of the British Empire known. Myoko s life has been turned upside down He and his family arrive in Tasmania a world that s the opposite of the one

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    45 starsThis is the second time Mr Black has made me cry – the first time with the wonderful family saga “His Fathers Son” and now with “The Last Tiger” I am going to have to have wordsWhat an absolutely amazing and fascinating tale this was – beautifully written absolutely captivating and with an e

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    Myoko's life has been turned upside down He and his family arrive in Tasmania a world that's the opposite of the one he's just left Myoko's father had a farm until Russian authorities took it over Now his family

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    Tony Black is an extraordinary storyteller He gives a spellbinding account of how young Myko was forced to leave the Sakiai in Lithuania with his family and finds himself in Tasmania although his family were intending to go to America It is here that Myko encounters a Thylacine a Tasmanian tiger and the story is about the profound effect that this has on him The tigers are hunted as pests and as a threat to th

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    I won this and when I first looked at this book I don't know what I was expected but I surely not except that I love tiger so the cover attracted me and when I looked at the story I was like hmm yeah that sound good but In final the story was amazing Myoko was just WOW I normally don't read that kind of book but this one was a very good exception and it's wasn't a deceptionMy English is not the best so i'm very sorry about that

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    It sounded interesting but failed to keep my attention

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    i won this as a Goodreads giveaway tho Tony Black has been on my radar as someone to read of as i have previously only read one of his short storiesas i believe he has mostly been a crime writer the storytelling here is a new direction for him it is a vivid tale maybe like a fable about a young boy dealing with lossfamily upheaval and conf

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    I stoped at one third of the book the main character's over dramatization of everything made it impossible to continueI think what I got from the book so far is Booohoo people who kill animals should die but really characters like the father and Nathaniel are not bad because they kill animals they're just assholes pure and simple It's utterly unrealistic to think they'd ask the kid to do the stuff they ask him without even telli

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    I've read lots of other books by Tony Black He generally writes crime thrillers mostly set in Edinburgh This is a real departure 12 year old Myko and his family flee Lithuania to escape the war and pay for carriage to America Things don't go

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    Tony Black is a crime writerI think not he is a talented author who has written several books in that genre However his previous book Father and Son and now The Last Tiger demonstrate an insightful understanding of familial relationships especially fatherson dynamicsMyoko recently arrived in Tasmania with his family after being forced to l

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    This book starts with a wonderful premise a boy and his love for a fascinating endangered creature and fulfills it well The Tasmanian setting is rich and evoked vividly The family story that underlies the plot is also well drawn fat

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