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    Many times I have found myself wondering what type of impact an adoption can have on the innocent helpless child that is sud

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    To Play with Fire by Tina Beckett is a very Hot book It was a little hard to get started in it; but it turned out to be pretty good Marcos Pinheiro made good on a promise to his father by becoming a doctor He practices in the town he grew up in although on the other side of the tracks Orphaned at age 6 he has sp

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    This was a pretty good book I liked the characters their growth and their personalities There were plenty of emotions and the plot was good There were good friends some unexpected turns good parts and hard parts some touching moments steaminess and a good happy ending This one definitely has me wanting to read the brother'

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To Play with Fire

O make promises he can’t keep But her fire and innocence has him constantly reliving every exuisite moment they spent during that one wild shameless night togetherMagg

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Marcos Pinheiro shouldn’t be thinking about Maggie Pfeiffer she’s a work colleague that’s all He can never promise her anything and he learned the hard way never t


Ie’s heart has been buried for so long and only with Marcos has she ever felt free from her dark past But is Marcos’ passion enough to chase the shadows away forever

  • ebook
  • 192
  • To Play with Fire
  • Tina Beckett
  • English
  • 21 September 2019
  • 9781488706660

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