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Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars)

Ierce rivals for the emperor’s favor and outspoken adversaries on Imperial affairs including the Death Star project the formidable pair seem unlikely partners for such a crucial mission But the Emperor knows it’s not the first time Vader and Thrawn have joined forces And there’s behind his royal command than either man suspects In what seems like a lifetime ago General Anakin Skywalker of the Galactic Republic and Commander Mitth’raw’nuruodo officer of the Chiss Ascendancy crossed paths for the first time One on a desperate personal uest the other with motives unknownand undisclosed But facing a gauntlet of dangers on a far flung. A very good book and continuation of Thrawn s legendlegacy If I am a little disappointed it is because as good as this book was it is simply with Timothy Zahn writing Thrawn and Vader I did not want good I was expecting great However Very good is very goodThis book book is set in two time periods Going back to the line in the first book where a meeting between then General Anakin Skywalker and Thrawn during the Clone Wars was mentioned The majority of this book takes place in that era as well as the current problem One thing I like very much in this book is Zahn s writing the differences between Anakin and Vader and how Vader refers to the memories of Anakin as the Jedi s Zahn also did a great job of showing the precognition powers the Force sensitive use As the story progresses I saw the reason for thisThe second era that this book is set in is right after Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels right after Thrawn s biggest defeat to date So his standing and loyalty is in uestion There is a lot of verbal sparing and jockeying for the number 2 position in the Empire between Thrawn and Vader Usually with Thrawn coming out on top However there is a great deal of respect between the two the telling point of that is Thrawn was still alive as Vader is not known for his patienceThere are elements taken from other Star Wars pre Disney era books One of the ideas come from the Golden Age of the Sith comic series where a couple of Force sensitives found another way to earn a living out of their talents and a material that has not been used in the Disney era as of yet as well some of the behind the scenes of Order 66A very good book that is slightly slow in places I think this was the only stumbling block for me as with Vader in the book I was expecting a lot action in the book Though the lack of fights did show Vader s other skills that are sometimes forgotten because of his fearsome reputation and displays of power

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Number one New York Times Best Seller Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader team up against a threat to the Empire in this thrilling novel from best selling author Timothy Zahn “I have sensed a disturbance in the Force” Ominous words under any circumstances but all the so when uttered by Emperor Palpatine On Batuu at the edges of the Unknown Regions a threat to the Empire is taking root its existence little than a glimmer its conseuences as yet unknowable But it is troubling enough to the Imperial leader to warrant investigation by his most powerful agents ruthless enforcer Lord Darth Vader and brilliant strategist Grand Admiral Thrawn F. I devoured this book in about five hours Thrawn s relationships with Vader and Anakin is fascinating plus it includes some awesome twists and reveals that I know will lead to stories I am so grateful they allow Thrawn s books to flesh out the most fascinating character in the Star Wars universeDon t forget to check out Zahn s other books He s a very talented author and I ve enjoyed every one of his books that I ve read

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World they forged an uneasy alliance neither remotely aware of what their futures held in store Now thrust together once they find themselves bound again for the planet where they once fought side by side There they will be doubly challenged by a test of their allegiance to the Empireand an enemy that threatens even their combined might Praise for Thrawn Alliances “It’s a science fiction beach read in the best way brisk and amusing with some cool additions to the Star Wars galaxy” Den of Geek “Like all of Zahn’s novels set in a galaxy far far away it’s an essential read for anyone looking for an artistically done adventure” CN. I lost interest in Star Wars back during the cgi Clone Wars show throwing away all the novels I had But when Grand Admiral Thrawn was reintroduced I gained some interest Timothy Zahn s previous book was a disappointment It was boring Unfortunately that trend has continued and even gotten worse This book feels like the same short story told twice I absolutely hate reading the two time periods together Thrawn is the kind of character who should be involved in galactic scale stories Truth is I have never really liked previous short stories involving Thrawn The other main issue is the introduction of the Grysks It s been speculated these are analogues of the Yuuzhan Vong Whereas that enemy was introduced rather well from the very beginning of their series the Grysk feel like some generic bad guy Disappointing At least the original Thrawn trilogy has now been released Go read that for the real Grand Admiral Thrawn not this pale boring imitation

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    I know many reviewers will give 5 stars simply because this is a Zahn book, but if we're being honest this is an obviously rushed product that really has no payoff. Zahn is so descriptive to the point of confusing the narrative and needlessly elaborating on pointless details abounds.

    I found myself trudging through most of t

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    I devoured this book in about five hours. Thrawn's relationships with Vader and Anakin is fascinating, plus it includes some awesome twists and reveals that I know will lead to stories. I am so grateful they allow Thrawn's books to fl

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    At first I was quite worried. A plot launched all too quickly without enough set up (the Emperor feels a disturbance and then dispatches Vade

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    In high school I read Timothy Zahn's wonderful Heir to the Empire Trilogy and fell in love with it. For me, it was THE story of what happened after the Star Wars films, and I was really bummed when Disney did not use it as the basis of their new Star Wars films (it would have been so much better than what we got)

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    I simply didn't connect as much with this particular novel as with Zahn's previous books, or even the first Thrawn book for the new canon. 'Alliances' intertwines three stories: one in the 'present' with Thrawn a

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    A very good book and continuation of Thrawn's legend/legacy. If I am a little disappointed it is because as goo

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    Like many Star Wars novels, this wasn't bad but it also kind of disappointed. I quite enjoyed the first Thrawn book so was looking

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    I lost interest in Star Wars back during the cgi Clone Wars show, throwing away all the novels I had. But when Grand Admiral Thrawn was reintroduced I gained some interest. Timothy Zahn's previous book was a dis

  9. says:

    I’m a huge fan of Thrawn and although I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the first instalment (Thrawn), I th

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    I'm a big fan of both characters and really enjoyed this book Vader as a character is driven by anger & hatred for obvious reasons whereas Thrawn is not like a lot of the Empires hierarchy, he isn't evil a logical, calcul

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