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T buildings in the ancient world The Emperor Hadrian presents a concise portrait of this remarkable individual his family his deeds his loves and his legacy It celebrates his immense achievements and looks too at the complex character that lay behind the glorious public imag


The Emperor Hadrian

Us Aelius Hadrianus ruled one of the mightiest empires the world has ever seen a territory that comprised much of Europe northern Africa and the Middle East During this time he realigned borders crushed rebellions travelled extensively and created some of the most magnificen

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'He was in the same person austere and genial dignified and playful dilatory and uick to act niggardly and generous deceitful and straightforward cruel and merciful and always in all things changeable' Historia Augusta 1411For almost twenty one years from AD 117 to 138 Publi

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    Closing down sales of bookshops are always interesting occasions You wander in carefree and whistling then come out perhaps with The Complete Guide to Alternative Home Building Materials Methods or with this richly illustrated guide to accompany a British Museum exhibition about the emperor Hadrian that you have

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    Beautiful bookMakes me regret not reading it before visiting Rome and TivoliIt doesn't give much information about Hadrian but provides a decent list of further reading

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