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Between it and 'true' artLenain cannot help let slip an infectious fascination with our primate cousins he succeeds in making his book unputdownable The London Magazin.

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Monkey Painting

Dy of historical and scientific evidence this fascinating book sets out a new interpretation of uasi artistic behavior in monkeys showing that there may be a fine line.

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Towards the end of the 1950s biologists investigating the uestion of how art originated came up with the idea of getting monkeys to paint pictures Drawing on a large bo.

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    Noit's not any kind on monkey business; rather monkey's painting;if painting is the best correct? expression to be usedI'm very interested in this book because the author has pointed two characteristics in that kind of art; 1 when presented with an already painted side say on the left monkeys are inclined to fill in the r

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    The title pretty much says it all I spent years getting a degree in something monkeys do innately

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