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Protecting My Commitment: Sulfur Springs Book 1 (English Edition)

Dalton Andrews has seen it all After spending a little over ten years with the Denver PD hed had enough and joined Wildlife Services not expecting it to be such an isolating career When his job takes him on assignment to Crooked Bend he jumps at the chance to work with actual people again when the towns sheriff needs to hire a fewdeputies While at his new boss wedding reception he unexpectedly meets a blue eyed architect that makes his brain go fuzzy Collin McKenzie has trust issues After countless bad experiences culminating in spending over a year hidden in the closet by his ex he decided enough was enough He not.

SUMMARY Protecting My Commitment: Sulfur Springs Book 1 (English Edition)

E to protect the man hes uickly falling hard for And will Collin ever trust him enough to let him in Protecting My Commitment is the first book in the Sulfur Springs series This is a Men of Crooked Bend spin off but it isnt a reuirement that you read that series to enjoy this one Familiar faces will be seen but this series takes you off of the ranch and into the lives of those in Sulfur Springs While each book focus on a different couple and may be read as a standalone you will receive maximum enjoyment reading them in order Each book contains sexually explicit material between two men and is intended for adults ov.


Only broke up with him but he moved to a different state to start fresh He loves working for the Welsh brothers and living in Wyoming puts him closer to his family Hes sworn off men but while attending a wedding he sees a dark haired man that makes him catch his breath After spending an unforgettable night together Collin mistakenly lumps Dalton in with his past experiences Things are awkward between them but the attraction is there and undeniable so they agree to give it a try But when Collins ex finds him in Wyoming and wont take no for an answer Dalton steps up and claims what he wants Collin But will he be abl.

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En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Protecting My Commitment Sulfur Springs Book 1 English Edition ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Taylor Rylan auteurs dans le monde

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