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Actress Tanya Wright ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK TRUE BLOOD has naturally curly hair; for most of her life her struggle to tame her curly mass has been the bane of her.

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I Found God in My Hair

L principles I learned frommy hair Patience Resilience The importance and power of letting go Our hair has a lot to teach us If only we will take the time to listen.

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Existence She knew though that learning to love her locks would lead her to the other side of peace that journey is chronicled in I FOUND GOD IN MY HAIR 98 spiritua.

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    The premise was good but some of the principles were a little bit of a reach

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    Tanya Wright has put together a lovely upbeat inspiring book In it Wright uses hair as a metaphor and narrative thread to offer 98 spiritual principles about life The notion sounds a bit far fetched but she executes it well and it's a uick and engaging read Wright is a noted actress You might know her best from her roles

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    I received a free copy with the hair products I purchased from website

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