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With incredible true stories Signs from the Afterlife explains the ways in which TJ receives messages from the Other Side and communicates amazingly accurate information from those who have passed over More than this Signs from the Afterlife tells readers how they can use TJ's psychic techniu.

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Signs From The Afterlife

In her first book Living with the Gift TJ Higgs shared the gripping account of her rise from difficult beginnings to becoming one of the nation's leading celebrity mediums In Signs From The Afterlife she reveals the wisdom and psychic insights that have made her the star she is todayBrimming.

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Es for themselves Through reading the signs that are to be found all around us we too can connect closely with our lost loved ones and become the masters of our destinies Generous warm and with a great sense of humour TJ shows us how to decode the signs from the Afterlife that are all around.

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    I really liked this book It gave me a lot of answers to all the uestions that I had about signs from the afterlife I needed to get some information that I could read the signs if they appeared to me all of a sudden The book is easy to read and is really down to earth It's a great uality for a book

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