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    Very well written A new perspective

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Lord Rama became Maryada Purushottam because 'Sita' accompanied him through thick and thinNo one suffered than 'Draupadi' the 'Pandavas' won but their ueen lost everything in the battlefield of the Dharmayud

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That Night When

H'Siddhartha' became Gautam Buddha so was 'Yashodhara' a yogini in true senseThe saga of women sacrificing and suffering in India is no new thingThe story of mine is only an ode to those silent sacrifices th

READ Ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Í Swati Sinha

At have resulted in events of great impactIn writing this book I wish to share the emotions that life brings to us The only thing that withstands the storm is the hope that sun sets to bring in a new sunrise