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Mance go hand in hand in The Care and Taming of a Rogue Rugged adventurer Bennett Wolfe once presumed dead has returned to Lond The beginning of the book was a little strange and it took me awhile to get into a rhythm of reading the story But once I was able to get into the book I really did enjoy the beginning This story and the tone seems different from anything I have read before or less dramatically in a whileOh my gosh the repertoire between Bennett and Phillipa during the picnic is awesome I love when she blurts out I bathe in lemon water and then Bennett answers back Do you now Tasty Ah little interactions like this puts a smile on my faceLove how the book unfolds Personalities backgrounds are not given in two long paragraphs but revealed as the book goes on Great pacing with getting to know the charactersThe sex scene comes a tad earlier than I would have liked Phillipa worried about propriety and then bam she sleeps with Bennett happened out of nowhere for me and was out of character She loses her shyness and uncertainty very uicklyThe book held promise at the beginning but towards the middle it fizzled out and it definitely seemed like the author phoned in the last part of the book The ending adventure was rushed too David the villain was cartoony I liked the characters just didn t love them towards the end I was disappointed because at the beginning I felt Bennett and Phillipa had real potential the author just didn t end up delivering Definitely a solid B but lacked a certain spark to make it an A and a keeperOh and it is clear this book is going to be the start of a new series I m guessing called the Adventure Club or something Setting up the series detracted from this book s storyline and uite frankly I find the storyline of the Adventure Club a little weird but we ll see and my money s on the next book being about the Duke of SommersetSolid B

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On He only has eyes for the exceedingly proper Philippa and so she must teach him some manners before temptation sweeps her awa I really liked this book and was wavering between giving it 4 or 5 stars I ultimately went with 4 because some of the plot points dragged in the middle Possible spoilers in this paragraphI also gave it a 4 and not a 5 because I thought they jumped into intercourse pretty uickly Personally I like a little foreplay or in the words of our heroine taken out of context steps between passionate kisses at a ball and doing the deed Maybe this is partly characterization in that Bennett is not one to beat around the bush instead preferring to meet challenges and his desires straight onend spoilersNonetheless this was a great read with my favorite theme a hero who knows what or in this case who he wants and determinedly pursues her Some of the tension emerges because Bennett has been out of civilized society for so long that he doesn t know how to go about pursuing Phillipa in a way that doesn t shock said society He s blunt brash but always with good intentions Oh and he has a pet monkey named KeroBennett s uite ready to kick ass and take names whenever Phillipa is in danger and in defense of his unjustly sullied professional reputation When Phillipa tells him there are rules to follow for societal behavior and courtship even as she is already intrigued and drawn in by this tall handsome adventurer Bennett does his best to follow whatever these rules are in an effort to please her and with his ultimate goal of having Phillipa for himselfwith some hilarious resultsDon t get me wrong Phillipa is far from a stuffy society miss who is obsessed with rules She s actually uite practical and bookish which means she is totally flummoxed that this famous and charismatic man would want to pursue her Possible spoilers in this paragraphShe also has an independent streak I was cheering when she took it upon herself to rescue herself at the book s big climaxend spoilersA lighthearted and fluffy wallpaper read this book left me feeling satisfied and a little intrigued by the Adventurer s Club s other members particularly the Duke of Sommerset

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New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Enoch kicks off a new Regency romance series in which adventure and heart stopping ro After loving Enoch s Always a Scoundrel I was disappointed I didn t like this book In an earlier review Audball mentioned that she didn t like Enoch s anachronistic heroines correct me if I m mistaken please Audball This isn t a problem for me I thought Phillipa was pretty much like all of Enoch s heroines and I tend to like most of them pretty well I actually thought she was pretty amusing sometimes and the times I didn t get her were the times when I thought the story wasn t following the plot as well as it could haveMy problem was with the execution of the premise An adventurer comes home after being declared dead to find that his journals have been stolen and published as someone else s work The moment he walks in his friend s door not the thief he meets Lady Phillipa aka Flip and becomes obsessed with herBennett Wolfe is not a civilized man From the age of eleven he was pretty much on his own in the world and raised in boarding schools He joined the army and eventually got involved in exploration ending up in the Congo with a scoundrel named David Somethingorother David is the thief who left our hero to die in a mud hut stealing his work and publishing it as his ownFrankly I don t think David would have gotten away with it especially after Bennett returns Bennett has all the specimens from the trip He has the monkey as his constant companion that David supposedly loved One only has to speak to him for five minutes to know he s the one who s smart enough to write the book in the first place But it s not so easy I just didn t buy how not so easy it wasBennett is also an irrational hot head I don t care how he s been made to look foolish in David s version of the text the real problem with him is he tends to lash out when he gets peeved I wouldn t be anxious for him to be courting my daughter either And I didn t like the monkey around so much either It was annoying I guess the whole thing might have worked but I just didn t see enough organic chemistry between Flip and Bennett Their courtship felt jerky if that makes sense And some things were left hanging or completely dropped that I wanted to know about Such as Bennett s cousin Geoffrey This seems to be the first book of a new series We were introduced to a couple of characters particularly the Duke of Somerset in such a way that they seem like they re in line for books The first book of The Notorious Gentlemen trilogy didn t thrill me either and I ended up liking that series so I ll be on board for the next book with hopes that it will be betterThis one was just kind of blah sadly

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    Suzanne Enoch’s latest stand alone is a pretty solid read overall The hero couldn’t have been better and the heroine is alright for the most part if a little full of herself The story keeps you turning the pages mostly because of the what’s he going to do next attitude of the heroThe hero Captain Bennet Wolfe is a

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    After loving Enoch's Always a Scoundrel I was disappointed I didn't like this book In an earlier review Audball mentioned that she didn't like Enoch's anachronistic heroines correct me if I'm mistaken please Audball This isn

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    Can't believe I'm saying this about an Enoch book but it wasn't that greatSuzanne Enoch is a fabulous writer and some of my absolute favorite historical romances have been written by her namely London's Perfect Scoundrel and

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    The beginning of the book was a little strange and it took me awhile to get into a rhythm of reading the story But once I was able to get into the book I really did enjoy the beginning This story and the tone seems different from anything I have read before or less dramatically in a whileOh my gosh the repertoir

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    Well hello Suzanne Enoch Where have you been all my historical romance bender life The Care and Taming of a Rogue was delightful in so many waysYou see I went into this a little apprehensive because the synopsis makes it sound like there's little to this story than Bennett's courtship of Phillipa and while I'm sure you're like Duh Amanda it's a romance I like it when there's something ELSE driving the storyWhich there

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    For Hugh Jackmanwhom I find very inspiringVery Inspiring when a book starts like this you know just know that it is going to be intere

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    I really liked this book and was wavering between giving it 4 or 5 stars I ultimately went with 4 because some of the plot points d

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    Suzanne Enoch is my go to for a fun light romance with a caper plot This book fits that category but Enoch has spoiled me with so many good stories that this one just didn't uite measure upThe dialogue at the beginning of th

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    This was a fun read Captain Bennett Wolfe has just come back from Africa after being gone from England for over 3 years Funny thing is is that everybody thought he was dead Even worse the man that was his second in command is the one that reported him dead and wrote a book about his exploits and made the his own Now Bennett must figure out somehow he can gain his reputation back and expose David's lies In the

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    I wanted to like this than I did and I'm honestly not sure why I didn't like it It's your basic historical romance novel strapping dark roguish adventurer type sassy brunette book ish type always unappreciated by London society meet try to resist each other well SHE tries to resist him he basically pursues her like a jungle cat fail miserably The story is somewhat uniue in that the hero is an African explorer who's pr