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F family life To answer this uestion the author draws on in depth interviews and extensive survey data to examine Japanese mothers' perspectives and experiences of marriage parenting and family life The goal is to understand how as introspective self aware individuals these women interpret and respon.

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Women and Family in Contemporary Japan

D to the barriers and opportunities afforded within the structural and ideological contexts of contemporary Japan The findings suggest a need for changes in the structure of the workplace and the education system to provide women with the opportunity to find a fulfilling balance of work and family li.

CHARACTERS Women and Family in Contemporary Japan

Japanese women have often been singled out for their strong commitment to the role of housewife and mother But they are now postponing marriage and bearing fewer children and Japan has become one of the least fertile and fastest aging countries in the world Why are so many Japanese women opting out o.

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    This book has the same problem than most Japanese Studies books seems to have a lack of up to date theory of th

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    A balanced and very readable account with a good historical analysis supporting its case studies There were a few moments were some uestionable language and in turn uestionable implications made me raise an eyebrow but overall a good resource for anyone looking at women and relationships in Japan

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