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Elizabeth Taylor

AbethTaylor's work in film exploring her fascinatingtrajectory from child to adult star Smithreveals the influence that Taylor's early workexerted over her later career and the ways inwhich her on screen identity is profoundlyrooted in her association with animals andnatureSmith carefully unpicks what made

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Elizabeth Taylor was one of the major filmstars of the twentieth century embodying allthe glamour and allure of Hollywood stardomYet her achievements as an actress haveoften been overshadowed by her beautyand tumultuous life off screenTo redress this imbalance Susan Smithoffers an illuminating study of Eliz

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Taylorsuch a distinctive and dynamic on screenperformer – from the expressive use shemade of her eyes to the dramatic significanceof her voice – and considers the importanceof certain professional collaborations thatTaylor forged during her career most notablyher acting partnership with Montgomery Clift

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    Elizabeth Taylor has been the subject of many biographies but few pay serious attention to her acting The latest in the BFI Star Studies series Susan Smith's concise volume looks at Taylor's beginnings as a child actor; her empathy with animals; her twin ualities of passion and compassion; and her intense partnership with close friend Montgomery Clift Given that Smith only looks in depth at a few of Taylor's films her focus some

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