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H and tumble background Or that his ex wife is suddenly back on the scene Or that Linny has yet to win over his son’s heart All these obstacles not to mention what she should wear when she walks down the aisle are taking the joy out of planning her wedding Linny better find a way to trust love again or she might risk losing the one man she wants to be with forev. Review also found at received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication data is August 2nd 2016This story tells the difficulty of starting over in a new relationship when there are other people involved in particular children It deals with the struggle of trying to gain acceptance and know you role when the children are not yours A very real challenge in today s societyWith that in mind I should have really enjoyed this story however I only found it meh There are two main reasons whyLinny and her sister were depicted as almost over the hill They were not even 40 years old While perhaps traditionally marriage and babies occurred at a younger age that is not the norm these days In today s day woman are getting married and having children at a much older age as they focus on their careers first This is the norm which made this story feel a little bit old fashioned Seriously 38 or whatever age Linny was is not oldMy second issue was Linny herself While I get that she was insecure due to her previous marriages she really came off to me as a little annoying with her insecurities The way she blamed Jack for everything when it was clear the issue was hers bothered me Anyone ever heard of the phrase communication is keyThat being said the story did have a good message and the writing was well done My issues with the story are about my own personal views as opposed to the actual story and although I am usually able to set them aside when reading a story I was unable to this time This impacted my enjoyment of the story

review Sweet Carolina Morning Willow Hill #2

Sweet Carolina Morning Willow Hill #2

Broke by her con man late husband Linny has struggled to rebuild her life from scratch Then she met Jack Avery the town’s much adored veterinarian And she’ s marrying him   Everything should be coming up roses for Linny So why does she have such a serious case of pre wedding jitters It could be because Jack’s prosperous family doesn’t approve of her roug. Favorite uotesIf she messed up in this new job he d be that troubled teen with the shaved head who sold pot and lived in their basement after he dropped out of school in tenth grade Linny uietly steamed She pictured Vera mincing as she walked up to accept the silver tennis trophy at the club awards dinner an endless piece of toilet paper trailing from her shoe Next a tragic hair flat iron malfunction leaving Vera looking like Big Bird as she stared bewildered at the hunks of blond tresses burned off in her hand Linny exhaled feeling better Those visualizations she d learned from that self help book could be so calmingI befriended my mother in law She shoots suirrels and fixes them for supper but thought I wasn t classy enough for JerryJerry s mother was a bible thumper who drove a jacked up PT CruiserHer mother s Buick was pockmarked with dents that Dottie swore were from people backing into it while she was innocently shopping at the Winn Dixie Linny winced inwardly picturing her mother laughing gaily while at the wheel of a humongous juggernaut of a motor home barreling down the road bouncing from one guardrail to anotherMy ReviewI adored this amusing and insightful story from start to finish Linny s story just gets better with the second book of the series and I will be eagerly awaiting future works from this talented author The plot was relevant and entertaining while the writing was effusively detailed engaging cleverly insightful and humorous Ms Schild s characters were uirky flawed smart amusing and intriguing Linny remains one of my favorite characters as she is a smart and resourceful gal that uses movies and television shows as reference material while she navigates new waters as a future step mother to a geeky pre teen boy a boy who is currently testing the limits and pushing her buttons While watching the Brady Brunch for inspiration Linny laments that Carol Brady makes it look so easy but later has second thoughts and wonders if Carol Brady drinks Linny s humorous inner musings and her newly honed skill of using visualization as a coping mechanism are an endless source of amusement More please

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Life down South just got a whole lot sweeter in Susan Schild’s new novel about a woman whose happily ever after is about to beginwhether she’s ready for it or not   Finally just shy of forty years old Linny Taylor is living the life of her dreams in her charming hometown of Willow Hill North Carolina The past few years have been anything but a fairy tale Left. Sweet Carolina Morning is Southern Fiction at its very best warm tender lighthearted and heartfelt Linny Taylor s life in Willow Hill North Carolina has not been an easy road twice widowed her second husband left her broke and broken hearted but she has rebuilt her life and is about to marry Jack Avery Jack is divorced and the father of a 12 year old son Neal and Linny has been putting her heart and soul into creating a new family with Jack and Neal But Linny has many obstacles to overcome for her dream of a happily ever after to come true including future in laws who seem less than enthusiastic about Linny marrying their son and an ex wife who keeps insinuating herself into their lives Linny Jack Neal and all the other characters in this book are so full of heart humor and love that you will be rooting for all of them to get their own happy ending Sweet Carolina Morning is the second book in the Willow Hill series following the wonderful Linny s Sweet Dream List Although this book can stand on its own merits I encourage you to read Linny s Sweet Dream List first so that you can be introduced to the characters from the beginning of their story I m excited that there will be a third book in the future I can t wait to find out about these wonderful characters and where life will take them next I received a free copy of this book for an honest review

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    Sweet Carolina Morning is Southern Fiction at its very best warm tender lighthearted and heartfelt Linny Taylor's life in Willow Hill North Ca

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    This is book 2 in the Willow Hill series It's best to read this series in order to best understand all of the charactersLinny is twice widowed and has started a new relationship with Jack the town veterinarian Their new engagement meets many obstacles and Linny isn't sure that she'll finally get her 'happily ever after' There is Neal Jack's

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    Sweet Carolina Morning takes up Linny's story from the first book about her Linny's Sweet Dream List It is all about that pre wedding time as many know it is a time that can be busy lots of decisions to be made and tensions to be dea

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    Favorite uotesIf she messed up in this new job he'd be that troubled teen with the shaved head who sold pot and lived in their basement after he dropped out of school in tenth grade Linny uietly steamed She pictured Vera mincing as s

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    Sweet Carolina Morning is an endearing novel as Susan’s first Linny’s Sweet Dream List So many people will identify with Linny a

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    First I have to start off by saying this is not my usual read Sometimes though ya just need a break and want something different My thought was why not indulge in a book that contains a story filled with amusing witty characters and true to life circumstances? That's exactly why I picked up Sweet Carolina Morning by Susan Schild a

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    2017 Update After reading the first book last month and taking part in the last book in this trilogy I decided to re read this book I still love it and still think that Schild is a gifted writer who knows how to keep you reading until the very end While I still find Neal to be manipulative this time around I realized how vulnerable he is as

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    Linny Taylor is back Her story continues where the first book Linny’s Sweet Dream List left off Twice widowed Linny is about to get her happily ever after with her boyfriend Jack Avery Unfortunately things never run smoothly for Linny and they don’t this time eitherJack’s family is the big problem as his mother doesn’t seem to like Linny very much Jack’s ex wife takes every opportunity to badmouth Linny to his mother and Jack’s

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    Review also found at received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest revie

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    I’m back visiting Linny in book 2 of the Willow Hill Series and I’m happy to see all her uirky family and friends are here too Twice widowed Linny has worked through much of her grief for husband #1 and anger about con man husband #2 and is open to starting a new relationship with Dr Jack the towns’ veterinarian They are early into their engagement and all is not romance and roses As the time to pick a wedding date approac

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