[PDF/EPUB] Ash Tara and the Emerald Dagger BY Sujit Saraf

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Ash Tara and the Emerald Dagger

And turns its way through the magnificent Agra Fort the bylanes of medieval Agra and the dark stormy forests across the Yamuna Each story in the brand new Ash and Tara series will keep you engrossed till the final action packed ending even as you get to know and love Akbar Birbal Ash Tara and their friends like never befo.

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It is the year 1568 Emperor Akbar is on the throne and all is well in Hindustan Or is it Meet Ash and Tara two feisty kids who battle the vilest villains in Akbar's court Devious minds are at work planning to steal Akbar's precious emerald dagger which the emperor believes brings him good luck Ash and Tara twin brother an.

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D sister growing up in a village across the Yamuna land up in Agra Fort and get to know of the conspiracy Can they stop the ruthless Magesh and his accomplices from carrying out the plan Or will they get framed for the theft and end up on the wrong side of the world's most powerful monarch The breathless adventure twists.

About the Author: Sujit Saraf

Sujit Saraf received an engineering degree from IIT Delhi and a PhD from Berkeley He has conducted research for NASA taught at IIT and worked as a space scientist in California When not at his desk he runs Naatak an Indian theatre company in America for which he writes and directs plays and films

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