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Imer's disease As we follow the inevitable loss of her own faculties we discover what unexpected compensations nature offers to those whom no one else can help Surprisingly the book is spiced with abundant humourA moving story of the final years of a Polish émigrée's life The Gate draws you in with subtlety wit compassion and faith An intriguing and captivating look at the last sixty years of western culture that holds you even t

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The Gate — Things my Mother told me

For anyone with interest in Alzheimer's andor dementia this book is a must read An intimate novel of an eighty year old women spending the last years of her life at the Institute of the Immaculate Heart of Mary The problems she must face are as different as they are unexpected from anything one can imagine in the 'outside' world not the least of which is her husband's gradual deterioration under the unforgiving progression of Alzhe

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Hough we all know how her story is going to end Bryn Symonds writer CanadaThis beautiful nostalgic sometimes humorous memoir of Mrs Kordos's life as she slowly slips into her own world is a book not to be missed Truly remarkable Madeleine Whitthoeft Pointe Claire uebecThe Gate is a thought provoking experience whose characters represent fleeting fragments of what we see in ourselves Adam Goldman writer MontrealMore about the book a

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    The Sadness of Old AgeI am 84 years old while I am reviewing this story and I have read the previous reviews but one of the areas everyone seemed to miss is that this older Polish lady kept asking the Nuns of this Catholic Assisted

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    Stan Law explores Alzheimer’s and dementia sparing neither tribulations nor compassion as both diseases progress to their inevitable end Yet to my amazement serenity good humor and love permeate the book almost to the excl

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