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Ashwathy and the Boot of God

Ives in a boot and reuests her to investigate the murder of a woman in her town Can Ashwathy the atheist crack her first case with God by her side.

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Fourteen year old Ashwathy heads the FBI branch of Kuttipuram Kerala Of course there is no such thing as the FBI branch of Kuttipuram Kerala but A.

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Shwathy Venugopalan always believes in the impossible life is entertaining that way And things only get impossible in Ashwathy's life when God arr.

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    How much did l love thee book? Let me count the ways Feisty feminist atheist unapologetic 14 year old female lead who has a

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    Originally posted on The Book Chief blog at great book by the amazing Sowmya Rajendran I hereby officially declare that I am in love with herAshwathy is a 14 year old atheist living in a small town called Kuttipuram in Kerala She is bright curious spunky and determined Her simple and supportive Achan father is immensely proud of her and keeps her supplied with English movies her favourite crime thrillers so that she becomes fluent in Eng

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    I cannot tell you what a disappointment this book has been I'm a huge fan of Sowmya Rajendran's writing and views and used to be an avid reader of her blog once upon a time That's why I bought this and another of

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