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H a pregnant wife and a new family member in town Courtney feels like life has finally given him a break until he is blindsided with evil There are snakes all around but dealing with family it is hard to understand who to trust He keeps the faith but.

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Pastors are people tooand sometimes people go through hell WARNING You must read Sanctified Season 1 Before starting this book Major Spoiler Alert WARNING Courtney Burnett has been through it all and life as a pastor hasn't made things any easier Wit.


Sometimes people in your corner are the biggest evil of all Courtney goes on a wild ride but will he come out still sueaky clean in the eyes of his congregation Or will Courtney decide to return to his old thuggish ways Find out in Sanctified Season.

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    Needed a little I must say that I loved the What's Done in the Dark Seuels but this seuel ended right when it was getting to the good part Left me hanging and wanting Unacceptable Now I have to be patient and wait for season 3

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