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A fantasy paranormal adventure for teens and adults Shirley has written several books for children and young adults She also writes poetry and has had poems published in anthologies and magazines wwwshirley elmokademcou

characters Body Trapped

Body Trapped

Angs and drugs He has a new family and a well fit girlfriend called Rosie Can Lee convince them who he really is And can he get his body back before Gary dies This is a gripping tale of love hatred revenge and disloyalty

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Body Trapped by Shirley Elmokadem After a car accident twelve year old Lee wakes up in hospital in fifteen year old Gary's body Gary is now in Lee's body and is critically ill Lee is at once thrust into Gary's world of g

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    This poor kid just can't cut a breakI love browsing books in the Kindle store and I absolutely LOVE that “Download a sample” bit I’ve been known to download samples left and right so at times I could have up to 20 samples on my iPad waiting to catch my attention or else get deleted “Body Trapped” was a sample I download

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    Lee is celebrating his 12th birthday He's gotten a new bike and takes it out for a spin Unfortunately he gets in an accident and winds up in the hospital When he regains consciousness he is no longer in his own body Rather he has traded places with Gary the 15 year old boy who was also involved in the accident Lee struggles to let friends and family know what has happened but no one believes him He tries to se

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