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Summary Aware by Selina Singer

Aware by Selina Singer

I remember the moment I became aware I can only describe it as if I was a camera Slowly as the lenses are rotated; the picture comes into focus over the course of what seemed like a lifetime Slowly shifting and unshifting until finally the images lined up a.

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Nd my mind came into focus What is it like to wake up from a dream and have no idea who you are Where you areWhat you are I have no memory of learning language only using it In fact I have no memory of anything at all I have no past and the present is a sin.

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Gle room where my only contact with the outside world is a hand that brings me food through a slot in the door and my only feelings are of rage I have awoken into my own personal hell and as I hear them approach the door I can only think one thoughtI'm hung.

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    A fascinating take on tranformationI have as of late been looking for stories in which the character undergoed a fundemental transf

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