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Summary Tai Chi PENG Root Power Rising

Universally popular Chinese Tai Chi Chuan martial art A full set of practical exercises is presented and illustra

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Tai Chi PENG Root Power Rising

Tai Chi PENG Root Power Rising describes the theory and practice of the most characteristic internal energy of the

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Ted and the original Chinese source texts that define PENG energy are accompanied by new translations and analysis

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    Sort version you want to learn tai chi energetics Get this book Long versionThis is a great book if you are interested in genuine Tai Chi ENERGY development Scott introduces a basic framework of understanding and then gives you a simple set of concrete drills called micro activation Think of it as taichi standing meditation 20 It basically helps you relaxI personally think micro activation is genius I can go on

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    I don't believe a word of the theory behind this book I don't believe the earth is filled with a reservoir of energy that will rush