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Est amoureuse depuis depuis toujours en fait Mais cette situation est loin d’être idéale C’est même une véritable torture  comment pourrait elle rester de marbre tandis ue cet homme sur leuel elle. I was worried about this one going into it Tyler and Brenna have been a known thing for both previous books and you could kind of see the likely emotional trajectory from a mile away And the first part of the book did little to alleviate that concern I admit it was great getting to know Brenna better She s exactly as lovely and personable as we d been lead to believe I hadn t expected her to be uite so very emotionally vulnerable but that wasn t unreasonable and became an aspect I very much enjoyed seeing her work throughI don t remember how far it continued with things still predictable but I remember settling in for something of a slog at one point Both protagonists were better than I expected but they kept dancing around each other with an endless cycle of must protect the friendship status uo I wish I d paid attention to the turn around point better but Morgan snuck it past me and before I knew what hit me I couldn t put the book downPart of that was the interactions with Tyler s daughter Jessie She was such a great anchor for both Tyler and Brenna reminding them both that they were responsible adults without devolving into convenient crisis or excuse to throw them together I loved how Jess and her struggles highlighted Brenna s strength and growth But Jess s interactions with her father were so full of honest love vulnerability and struggle to help and understand one another that I couldn t help falling for Tyler if only for how he cared for and about JessSo this was a lovely way to end the series if it is indeed the end we ve run out of brothers at any rate I think this book was my favorite as it had none of the weaknesses of the others and many of their strengths I wish Morgan had gotten to the sweet spot sooner but that she got there is undeniable for meA note about Steamy Lower mid range with two explicit scenes of some length I particularly liked how well woven into their emotional journey these scenes were though Very well done

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Fantasme depuis des années dort dans la chambre juste à côté de la sienne  Car elle le sait très bien elle n’a rien à espérer  Tyler ne la considère ue comme une amie voire pire comme une sœu. Rating 35 starsFirst off I must confess that I am not a fan of unreuited love stories for me it is about a balance of power one person is all merry going out and having fun while the other is pining Now the second thing is that I love friends to lovers stories so that besides the other books made me give Tyler and Brenna a chanceTyler is a ski champion or atleast he was until an accident ended his competitive career now he is giving ski lessons at his family s resort and being a full time father to his almost 14year old daughter Jess Brenna is also an instructor and Tyler s best friend and unbeknownst to him she has been in love with him since they were kids but he never noticed thatNow I loved Brenna she had a good heart but was on self confidence because of her parents being bullied as a teenager and also Tyler I liked how she did try to move on living in Europe for a while but to me she never fully cut the cord and I wanted her to atleast have had one long fulfilling relationshipTyler is concentrating hard on being a parent especially since Jess s mother did such a number on his daughter s esteem I loved how loving a parent Tyler was and how even as a teenager he tried to fight for his daughter s custody Now what I didn t like was how his ex was written and how so easily and suddenly he realised he loved Brenna I know I know I wanted some angst when this book was all good christmas y and holiday ish

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Brenna devrait se réjouir  la station de ski affiche complet et la voilà obligée de libérer son chalet et d’emménager chez son meilleur ami l’ex champion olympiue de ski Tyler O’Neil dont elle. 45 Just my kind of story Stars SighI know I know Friends to lovers trope has been done to death already Yes it can get a little predictable Yes there are no big plot twists or anything like that What it does have are great characters straightforward yet sweet plot awesome dialogue and chemistry Maybe This Christmas ticked all the boxes of what makes a sweet romance read for me so I AM NOT GOING TO COMPLAIN Tyler is a forming skiing champion home and helping out with the family business after suffering a career ending injury Aside from that he also gained custody of his daughter Brenna is Tyler s best friend since forever and has been in love with Tyler her whole life The problem is she never really thought her feelings would be returned until inevitable circumstances pushed the two of them together Now Brenna and Tyler are forced to confront their feelings for each other as well as a few secrets along the way I simply adored this book It s no secret that this trope is one of my favorite trope ever But apart from the trope I just fell in love with the Brenna and Tyler Unlike most books with this kind of theme there was never any doubt in the reader s mind that the two of them have feelings for each other The only uestion is when When is Tyler going to get his head out of his delectable behind and admit his feelings for Brenna Tyler never felt lost after being forced to retire because of his injury He loves the ice The loves to ski and he hated not being able to compete So as much as he has feelings for Brenna he doesn t feel like he deserved her so he never pursued her Brenna on the other hand is used to saying yes all the time to a point where she gets taken advantaged of And while she loves Tyler she just couldn t bring herself to make the movePart of what I enjoyed about this book is watching Brenna and Tyler slowly but surely come to terms with their feelings for each other There were a few angsty moments but other than that this was a fun and romantic readAll of the previous MCs of the other books in the series all made an appearance and Vermont in winter was the perfect backdrop for Brenna and Tyler s story The ending was sweet and oh so satisfying because not only did the guy get the girl and vice versa Brenna learned to be assertive and Tyler gained a new insight on his life ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    45 'Just my kind of story' Stars SighI know I know Friends to lovers trope has been done to death already Yes it c

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    35 It's a perfect powder day Stars Maybe This Christmas is the first book I have read by Sarah Morgan it won’t be the last Seeing as it is act

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    The last O’Neill brother is off the market and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside Single dad best friends to lovers and a beautiful snowy backdrop—what could you ask for in a festive romance

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    Oh this is such a fabulous read Absolutely LOVE the O'Neil brothers series by Sarah Morgan I was waiting for Brenna and Tyl

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    I was worried about this one going into it Tyler and Brenna have been a known thing for both previous books and you could

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    5 Words Love skiing family romance ChristmasThis was a perfect conclusion to the O'Neil Brothers series Snow Crystal sounds so perfect in these books It's my favourite fictional destination The descriptions are so vivid that you feel you're there walking through the forest gazing at the mountains It's blissful t

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    Rating 35 starsFirst off I must confess that I am not a fan of unreuited love stories for me it is about a balance of power one person is all me

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    Five Caffeinated Reasons to grab a cup of Cocoa and snuggle up with Maybe This Christmas Brenna Daniels and Tyler O’Neil a friend to lover’s romance that I have been rooting for since book one I love this troupe and you could not ask for characters that are delightful Stubborn a little wounded caring to their core and so in love with each other but too fearful to take a chanceyep I was melting over here

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    I enjoyed all of this series but Tyler and Brenna's story was my favourite Childhood best friends are they like brother and sister? Well yes to start with but throughout the story it shows the base for a great relationship is friendship I love both Tyler and Brenna's relationship with his daughter Jess and the outdoors Janet Carpenter I didn't guess she was the Bully she wouldn't be so keen to bully when her

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    sarah morgan is a fantastic authorsolid read just as I thought it would be 35 stars