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Re is a previewNow she lay on the bed tied up and the woman was making her react physically to stimulation she found abhorrent She wanted to scream wanted to somehow find the strength to break the bonds and be free Her wrists hurt Her ankles hurt Her jaw spread apart by the ball gag hurt as well Her nose and throat were filled with smoke Worst of all her pussy hovered on the verge of orgasm and had for what seemed like hours It was easily the most terrible and humiliating experience she’d ever had and she couldn’t even properly express her disgust or for that matter even feel her disgust The bonds kept her from speaking and her desperate need for the release of orgasm filled her thoughtsF.

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Donna Dreams

DONNA’S CORRUPTION is the first series in new erotic saga SMOKING LESBIANS from Sarah Blitz This hilarious and sexy series tells the story of a group of lesbians determined to infiltrate and corrupt the Anti SmokingAnti Lesbian League With plenty of laughs and plenty of scorching sex this is one series you don’t want to miss In this story Donna our hapless protagonist can’t control the way her mind returns over and over to the prospects of a first lesbian sex experience She hates the thought but when she sleeps she can’t stop itWarning This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of lesbian sex with bondage Only mature readers who won’t find that offensive should read this storyHe.

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Inally Dee smiled at her and said “Okay little princess I think I’ll let you now” Dee crushed out the cigarette in her hand and pulled another from the pack She lit it and smiled “You want to cum don’t you You want to cum and you want a woman to make you cum” Donna sueezed her eyes shut so Dee wouldn’t see the tears that threatened to come up When she opened them Dee smiles again and said “I’ll let you cum” With that Dee took a deep drag from her cigarette leaned down blowing the smoke over Donna’s pussy as her mouth descended Donna didn’t want her mouth on her was repulsed by the very idea and yet she lifted her hips as best she could to make the contact happen faster.

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    This is the second book in a five part series This book was goodDonna wakes up to dream about her boss Dee This dream happens because her boyfriend puts the ideas and images in her head from the night before When the alarms wakes h

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