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An He lets her saunter into his office all high and mighty and very much convinced of her own superiority But the second she turns her back on him Nick leaps up and wraps something about her neck It fastens with a beep Thinking this is some sort of prank Jane tries to pull it off The second her fingers touch the collar it shocks her Nick won’t let her out until he’s convinced she’s thoroughly trainedFrom now on Jane is going to be his puppy dog He will train her feed her and make sure she learns how to behave That will entail le.

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Learning Her Place

Arning to eagerly lick his crotch beg for treats do tricks and obey her new master’s every single commandJane won’t be broken so easily She thinks she can outwit Nick except for one thing The collar responds to his commands and takes over All it takes is a single word If he says “Override” then she must obey The collar seizes control of Jane’s nervous system forcing her to do whatever he wantsLittle by little he’ll have to use the collar less and less because Jane will become his obedient little doggie girlPublisher's Note.

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Learning Her Place is a 24000 word story about Jane a woman who starts out as the owner of a major technology company and ends up crawling on all fours leashed and trained to serve her new ownerUnlike many other business owners Jane has no problem firing employees Whether she wants to cut costs or because of their incompetence she has no problem tossing people out So when Nick skips his assigned projects and seems to shirk is duties Jane heads straight to his office ready to terminate his contractIt should be easy except Nick has a pl.

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    This is an incredible puppy play story I loved the dynamic between the puppy girl and her trainer

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