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Or adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or overExcerpt It was one hot summer month Sheila had just signed a contract for one month to work in a bar that would pay her than her present jobShe had an argument with her boyfriend and it led her to break up with him He did not approve of the job but she was determined to have it It was her future and it mattered to her above everything else She was than excited with the opportunityIt was a summer thing The job was to wait on tables at a far off island in the Caribbean What her boyfriend did not know was that she had another agenda aside from the jobShe was sixteen when her father died and her mother had remarried The step father ha

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Horny Brother Meets Slutty Step Sister

A twist of fate leads two young people to find their sexual compatibility with the people they were both looking for In search of a better future Sheila finds a job somewhere far from her hometown with a personal motive of finding her step brother On the other hand Brandon finds himself stuck for a while in a place by accident when he celebrated his third anniversary with his girlfriend Even though he was abandoned by his girlfriend he stayed longer to find his step sister He was not lucky enough until the day he decided to give up on this planFor Adults Only This Adult Short Story3100 words is loaded with hot graphic sex including oral sex anal sex group sex double penetration dp and It is intended only f

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D a son whom she never met but she had been able to talk to him on the phoneIt was something about his voice They talked only on the phone but oh the weight of the voice in her memory would stir her every night She would feel him all over her just remembering that beautiful baritoneThe voice spoke to her sensuallyIt was not long and she met her boyfriend who had a similar voice Every time they would make love all she had to do was close her eyes and she would listen to his voice; this would make her achieve her orgasmsSometimes he would complain to her“I am tired of reciting poetry while we make love” he would tell her right after a wonderful intercourse“Next time I will not oblige you” she would s

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