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    I couldn't be happier when I was given an e arc of this book the fifth installment in the Boys of Winter series that rapidly became a favorite sports romance series of mineI've devoured the prior 4 books and was so excited to read Jaxon's story Could it live up to its high expectations? YES YES YES This story revolves around a really great h

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    PLAYER ON ICE is LIVE and on KINDLE UNLIMITED These bad boys of hockey will steal your heart US CA UK AU

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    SR Grey heats things up with PLAYER ON ICE book five of the Boys of Winter series After having a terrible game that cut the Vegas Wolves season short center Jaxon Holland heads to a secluded island to avoid encountering hostile fans He ends up sharing a house with his teammate’s sister’s friend Cara Milne Un

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    It's been a while since I had the chance to read a book from this author and I couldn't be happier I've really loved her previous works and tha

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    Can't say enough good thingsI want to start by saying you need to read this series Jaxon and Cara start off on a bumpy meet

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    Beware The level of HOTNESS in this book is off the chartsJaxson and Cara have tremendous chemistry which is sparked by their banter Cara is sweet but her feisty side will not let Jaxson get away with anythingAs hockey players go he is king of the ice both in looks and ability So when he messed up in the last few minutes of a key game the fans were very upset How could he miss a pass and then get a penalty with

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    The newest book in the Boys of Winter series Player on Ice stars playboy Jaxon Holland and spunky Cara Milne When Jaxon goes to his

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    When a last minute vacation throws an unexpected house guest to the guest list you will never know who or what you will see Look with both eyes wide open because something you never knew you wanted might be right in front our your face Jaxon Holland needed to find a secluded location to live until all of the fire and he

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    Book 5 in the Boys if Winter Series and just when you think it can’t get any better SR Grey gives us an even adorable hoc

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    5 Star Review Player On Ice Boys of Winter #5 by SRGreyThis has become one of my favourite hockey series This is the fifth book in the series and is Jaxon Holland and Cara Milne’s story and one I thoroughly enjoyed This book is a stand alone but I do recommend you read the previous books in the series as they are a gre

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Jaxon Holland is than a top scoring center for the Las Vegas Wolves he’s also the biggest “player” on the team Women love him flock to him lust for his sculpted body Yeah life is good for this hockey player Or it was until lately After blowing a key play in what may have been the biggest game of the season the fans sour on Jaxon Good thing memories are short right Uh they’re not when a widely popular sports blogger known simply as Mr Hockeypants calls Jaxon out and places all the bl. I couldn t be happier when I was given an e arc of this book the fifth installment in the Boys of Winter series that rapidly became a favorite sports romance series of mineI ve devoured the prior 4 books and was so excited to read Jaxon s story Could it live up to its high expectations YES YES YES This story revolves around a really great haters to lovers romance The banter between these two characters is so funny and the sparks flying between Jaxon and Cara is off the charts HOT They have such amazing chemistryThis book contains everything you could ve wished for in an SR Grey story and Jaxon is one hell of a swoon worthy hockey god I loved his cocky character whilst at the same time he s a true romantic at heart swoooonCara is a perfect counterpart to Jaxon and whilst she was sweet I really liked her a lot for being feisty as well whenever she got pissed at Jaxon again lolThe only thing I didn t really like was that she was keeping her secret way too long but it was to be expected though given the course of this story lineOverall it s yet again a really REALLY enjoyable read that I ve read in one sitting I just couldn t stop reading and that seems to become a ritual when I read books by this author lol I don t think I ll ever get enough of the hockey players SR Grey writes Each and every one of them so far has stolen my heart in so many different ways and Jaxon is definitely one of my favorites I think Or is it Brent Or Benny Or Dylan Or Nolan I just can t choose And I crave MORE as always when finishing a Grey book haha I just can t get enough of her writingIf you re into sports romance hockey in particular sassy characters a well developed romance a lot of hotness and steamy scenes that nearly sets the pages on fire a pinch of humor and great writing as is to be expected of this author you need to pick up this book asap And if you haven t read the prior 4 book you need to pick them up as well This book can be read as a stand alone but of course I d recommend reading them in the right order so you can fall in love with one hockey player at a time sigh The only thing left for me to say at this point ENJOY yourself But I m positive that won t be a problem Grey delivered yet again

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Ame for the loss on him Life goes from bad to worse and Jaxon wants to get away Good thing one of his teammates has a beautiful secluded beach house he can escape to Sand sun surf and lots of alone time sound good to this disgruntled centerman Only problem is the beach house is already occupied by beautiful and spunky Cara Milne Cara and Jaxon are off to a rocky start after an extremely awkward first meeting Yeah these two pretty much hate each other But Jaxon forever a “player” at hear. It s been a while since I had the chance to read a book from this author and I couldn t be happier I ve really loved her previous works and that left me wanting and And let s not forget the fact that this new book is the continuation of a series I love S R Grey knows what she s doing This series has knock me out and I was anxiously waiting for this new gift Her writing is hot and wild with so much meaning and feelings between each chapter Once you start it s can assure you won t be able to stop Player on Ice is her latest release and it s the fifth book from the Boys of Winter series Dayum What a series What a cover This book explores the lifes of Jaxon and Cara Jaxon had it all an amazing career on Ice fame ladies and money but one bad play and he s hated by all fans All that made him want to get away to a secluded place specifically a beach But once he s in there he s not the only one Cara is a feisty girl determined to succeed She doesn t back out from a challenge She s a blogger that can work from home so she takes her friend reuest to go on a well deserved vacations But she wasn t expecting running into Jaxon This could be a sweet encounter wasn t for the fact that she was the blogger who trashed his name after that bad play And now Oh lord I couldn t be happier with this book These two are one of a kind The plot is amazing very well written super engaging and powerful The interaction between the characters started bumpy but it changed with every flip of a page It was insane the way these two interact with each other I laughed so hard but I also wanted to hurt someone Jesus these two are super stubborn And the sexual tension between them Oh boy Can secrets become a problem Can you forgive and forget and go from there Fantastic book S R I missed your books I m so glad for the chance to read this one and I can t wait for the next one Will it take to long Please say no I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book


T vows to win his housemate over What he doesn’t know is Cara is Mr Hockeypants His worst enemy the bane of his existence And she’s determined that he never finds out Too bad keeping a secret is slippery than ice especially when you start falling in love with the guy you almost destroyed Player on Ice is the fifth standalone novel in the bestselling Boys of Winter hockey romance series STANDALONE EACH BOOK IN THE BOYS OF WINTER SERIES FEATURES A DIFFERENT SMOKING HOT HOCKEY PLAYER'S STO. Book 5 in the Boys if Winter Series and just when you think it can t get any better SR Grey gives us an even adorable hockey hottie to fall in love with this time it s Jaxon Holland s storyJaxon is not only a top player for the Las Vegas Wolves he is also a top player with the ladies well at least he was until he messed a play up an a blogger known only by Mr Hockeypants gets on his case making his life miserable The off season has come just at the right time and he takes up a teammates offer of a few weeks in a secluded beach house what he doesn t expect is the house to be already occupied by a stunning sassy girl named Cara MilneWhat starts off very rocky soon becomes a romance made in heaven when Jaxon turns in his charm to win Cara over and just when you think they have both found their soulmate a bombshell dropsMr Hockeypants is really a Ms Can Jaxon ever forgive the person who made his life a miseryBoys of Winter is one of my favourite hockey series and SRGrey has become one of my go to authors I love her style of writing I love the perfect mix of humour and passion she gives us every player in this series has a very different story to tell and even though we get bits from previous characters in each book they never take over another players story I can t wait for book 6 I m this brilliant series and if you love rom com s or sports romance you need to start one clicking this must read series