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In San Francisco the wealthy reside in big mansions and penthouses and in this community individuals value class rigidity and social mobility So when socialite Blair Hagen meets Brian Jacobson a middle class commercial real estate broker sh.

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Pull by S.B. Hadley Wilson

E must choose between her two greatest loves high society or him PULL is a spin off of The Return Trilogy The Return Sam Colby and Hayes Street and the prologue to the upcoming BLAIR HAGEN However it may be read as a standalone Its spin off.

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Is the imminent CONSEUENCE PULL has reached #58 on Kindle's Top 100 Paid U S Short Stories list WARNING PULL is a 7100 word story with a dark mood and romantic elements that include an explicit sex scene that is intended for mature audienc.

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    This story ties in to the previous three stories the author has written creating a large world filled with rich people for Wilson to write about They interact they have sex with each other and they live in San Francisco It's almost as though Wilson is trying to be the next Armistead Maupin except with no real character dev

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    Wow What a book For a short book it sure packs a lot of punchIn this short introduction to his upcoming works Conseuence AND Blair Hagen Mr Wilson has expertly laid the frameworks for their storiesIn this book we are introduced to Blair Hagen an accomplished and yet confusedclueless wealthy socialite Just like ea

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    Pull is a book that really makes one sit down and think Not because it is a super complicated overly intellectual book mind you but because it plays to the simplistic yet complicated uestion Am I making the right choice? This proce

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