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N Soil and Nutrition Management for Field Grown Plants Media and Nutrition Management for Container Grown Plants Irrigation of Nursery Crops Modifying Plant Growth and Development in the Nursery Controlling Weeds Insects and Disease Nursery Storage Facilities The Production and Use of Compost For anyone interested either in starting or managing a nurse

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Nursery Management Administration And Culture

Esources and convenient tables and charts for calculating a variety of measures and values Management Applied to Nurseries Selection of a Nursery Site Organization and Development of the Nursery Laws Regulations and Codes Financial Management Wholesale Marketing of Nursery Crops Nursery Inventory Control Shipping of Nursery Stock Nursery Crop Productio

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Based on the authors' extensive and varied experiences in the field input from nursery manager's across the country and cutting edge information from regional and state professional associations this book provides both general and specific information on the full range of topics related to nursery management Contains extensive lists of references and r

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