I Love Genie Unlucky Charm {kindle} author Rose Wilkins

Rose Wilkins ✓ 5 characters

Retaliated by enslaving him in a ring for several hundred years Then Fran Roper and a well timed kiss finally set him free Now Leila's back and she's as angry as ever One wrong word and Ash once finds himself magically transformed along with th

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I Love Genie Unlucky Charm

E uber snidey Zara Looks like Fran will have seven chances to save her man but with a seriously peeved princess a love sick ex rock god and world's worst genie to contend with it's not going to be easyA comedy of errors with a sprinkling of magi

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Meeting your boyfriend's ex can be unnerving but when she's 1 an Arabian princess 2 a 'Mistress of the Dark Arts' and 3 still very very angry it can be downright dangerousAsh and Leila's break up wasn't exactly amicable he cheated on her and she

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    I was so excited to read the seuel that I read right when I got it and finished it in a day As expected it is an awesome seuel with great plot

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