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Ons of American federalism or represented a second American revolution In conclusion Biles weighs the New Deal's successes and failures both of which he finds to be part of the same story a story that can only be understood with an appreciation for the context of the Depression years A New Deal for the American People explores that context with sensitivity This clearly written and highly readable study will engage both specialists and general readers interested in a balanced account of one of the most important programs of twentieth century America Roosevelt's New Deal.

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A New Deal for the American People

When Franklin D Roosevelt promised a new deal for the American people he gave hope to millions of Americans impoverished by the Great Depression The Roosevelt administration's relief programs implemented in a period of crisis characterized by the Black Friday stock market crash widespread bank failures and massive unemployment marked the turning point in the making of modern America Yet in spite of extensive aid provided on federal and state levels the enormity of the economic problems throughout the country left much of the president's pledge unfulfilled In this inter.

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Pretive overview Roger Biles discusses the factors contributing to the Great Depression and analyzes the federal government's emerging role in public welfare Focusing on various segments of society he assesses New Deal programs in terms of their impact on the lives of the American people including the working class women African Americans and urban dwellers While drawing on scholarship of the past twenty years he offers fresh insights into the social effects of Roosevelt's policies and stimulates new thinking on the uestion of whether the reforms preserved the foundati.

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    This book is a good summary of the New Deal If you want detail there are several other books around which are usually around 400 to 600 pages This book is short and to the point and gives a good balanced view of Franklin D Roosevelt's political and economic views

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    I'm actually re reading this book as part of an attempt to reconcile my beliefs about the 1930s Depression and New Deal to today's economic situation

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