Rochelle Campbell (kindle) Fury From Hell

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  • Fury From Hell
  • Rochelle Campbell
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  • 06 December 2019
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    In a battle to save her soul one hardened detective a coven of wiccans and a new belief in things not seen will push you fully into the shadows on the dark side of the street and finding that the suspense is well worth the danger Fury from Hell by Rochelle Campbell goes beyond edgy and dark as good vs evil collide head on and the lines become

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    Fury From Hell by Rochelle Campbell is an excellent paranormal mystery It is a story of good vs evil The good is Detective Jennifer Ho

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    A Brilliant success that is what I would call Rochelle Campbell’s Fury From Hell Rochelle had made an exciting character in Detective Jennifer Holder Her past of murder when she was young is an usual past for a detective t

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    Review Fury From Hell by Rochelle Campbell Publication Date 6th September 2014 ASIN B00NE24S2W  Source  Author provided review copy  Rating 3 Synopsis Fury From Hell is a paranormal thriller about good vs evil Here the good is in the f

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    Timeline 1031 111 13The High Priestess felt the tug from the Otherworld as the Fury demon struggled with the VeilKyma f was going through the witching hour of Saimhain night High New YearPolice Officer Saks m 84th Precinct was the 1st

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    Reading this book I wanted to know what was going to happen next My curiosity got the better of me There were times that I had goose bumps and I was actually a bit scared to keep reading and the plots and twists were never expected I liked that the main character Jennifer Holden was a relatable character and not someone

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    Rochelle Campbell writes with humor and enthusiasm and Fury From Hell is a very enjoyable read It is fast paced and leaves you wondering what will happen next as you eagerly turn the page Lovers of Brooklyn New York will enjoy the references to places people and culture Just the thought of Fury Abatu sends a shiver of fear up my spine The end did not disappoint I look forward to Book 2

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    Book 42 of my Goodreads ChallengeAn enjoyable read with the main character Detective Jennifer Holden being possessed by a demon from Hell the Fury AbatuI won a copy of this on Indie Pride Day 2015 and to be honest I had completely forgotten about it being on my Kindle The cover did not really appeal at the time But I am really glad I picked

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Fury From Hell

Ks of the initial possession Detective Holden does not know she is possessedWith her own demise on the line Jennifer must fight for her life and her very soul – something she’s not sure she even believes in – to rid herself of the dark force surrounding her and her friendsCan Jennifer be saved from the demon Will she be able to find the faith to believe in something greater than herself and her material thingsRead this first installment of the From Hell series to find o

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St solo murder case The victim is Kyma Barnes who was brutally raped and killed As Kyma’s soul leaves her body a demon being called by a coven of dark witches at nearby Prospect Park is drawn to the dying woman by her death throes Fury Abatu offers to avenge Kyma’s death The price The dying woman’s soul Kyma gives it gladly to ensure the man who killed her pays dearlyAt the crime scene Jennifer becomes possessed by Fury Abatu Hosts usually die a violent death within wee Review Fury From Hell by Rochelle Campbell Publication Date 6th September 2014 ASIN B00NE24S2W Source Author provided

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Fury From Hell is a paranormal thriller about good vs evil Here the good is in the form of Detective Jennifer Holden a homicide cop that is haunted by her own personal demons of a murder she committed when she was just a teenager The trauma she suffered at the hands of social agency after agency hardened Jennifer into a staunch atheist making her gun and her bank account the only things she truly believes inWe meet Detective Holden shortly before she begins working on her fir Fury From Hell by Rochelle Campbell is an excellent paranormal mystery It is a story of good vs evil The good is Detective J