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Ing were tools not weapons Without her Sting Ronica could not stop the Stonehouse dwellers who rescued her from promptly trading her away to the chief of a primitive tribe And as Ronica struggled to find a place for herself on the wilderworld accept her loss of talent and regain her missing memories she began to discover that everything the Com had taught her was a l.

review Commencement Starfire Saga #1

Commencement Starfire Saga #1

Ng and it was that unparalleled power over other minds that made Ronica the most valuable resource in the ComNewly graduated and ready to use her Class A talent Ronica McBride should have had the worlds at her fingertips But instead she was lost on an unknown planet hurt alone with no memory of how she had gotten there and she had lost her StingGathering and pathfind.

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The Sting was what made Ronica McBride special that and the years the interstellar government called the Com had invested in teaching her how to use it Class C talents could use the power called gathering to control their own bodies; the less common Class Bs used pathfinding to alter the inner workings of mechanical things; but only the rare Class A could use the Sti.

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    good read

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    This book was part of the Del Rey Discovery series which I am making a point of reading ALL of The feel of this book reminded me of another in that series Delia Marshall Turner's 'Of Swords and Spells' I'm not surprised that the sam

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    I was pleasantly surprised at the uality of the writing I thought it was a good entertaining read with believable characters

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