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The Mish

Led in him a connection to the land and a spirituality he would in turn pass on to following generations When Robert and his bride leave the Mish a new chapter begins in a nearby town where acceptance and respect are hard wonWinner of the 2001 Unaipon Awar


Robert Lowe's affection and regard for The Mish a property in Victoria's southwest originally an Aboriginal mission is warmly coveyed in this candid memoir In the 1950s and '60s when Robert was growing up The Mish was a close knot community made up of the

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Aboriginal descendents of Framlingham Aboriginal Mission Station founded in 1865 Robert's adventurous boyhood was a secure and unfettered time spent with siblings and cousins enjoying hunting fishing and eel trappingTeachings by the community elders instil

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    In 1950 – 1960s Australia there was an Aboriginal mission in Victoria’s southwest which was affectionately named The Mish There a young man by the name of Robert Lowe grew up with his family and many friends in a close knit commun

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    This is a touching but humorous memoir of life at the Framlingham Aboriginal Mission Station To see my review please visit

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    Only 70pages Wish it went into a little depth Being Aboriginal it was a little heart warming read for me I enjoyed Robert's accounts as a young boy his stories give an insight into how some of my relatives and ancestors lived on an Aboriginal mission Always like to see books of this nature in stores they are an integral part of telling Australia's history

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