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Hors have created an exceptionally clear picture of an American infantry regiment’s tactical operations Hundreds of actions chronicled and analyzed at every level from suad through regiment are woven together to create a brilliant mosaic that illustrates exactly how the 18th Infantry Regiment of the famed 1st Infantry Division the “Big Red One” defeated its Vichy French Italian and German adversaries from Algeria to the Harz Mountains American Iliad is assured an important place in the burgeoning literature that documents the US Army’s WWII combat record in an analytical factual fashion Unlike most of the regimental and division histories published shortly after the war which were intended to be mementos of soldiers’ service and necessarily are often sentimental accounts based on unclassified information American Iliad is an objective history based on reports not available to authors of unit histories in the immediately post war era The authors have artfully combined US intelligence reports captured operational documents personal accounts by enemy participants and myriad other facts relating to other American and allied units in order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of this work Bob Baumer and Mark Reardon show exactly how an infa

characters American Iliad The History of the 18th Infantry Regiment in World War II

American Iliad The History of the 18th Infantry Regiment in World War II

From the invasions of Algeria Sicily and Normandy to bursting open the very gates of the Reich at Aachen and in the gloomy and bloody Hürtgen Forest to halting the great German offensive in the Ardennes and to sealing the fate of the German Army in the Ruhr Pocket the soldiers of the 18th Infantry Regiment established a battle record that is in many ways a microcosm of the American Army’s experiences in World War II After bloody setbacks in their first actions in North Africa the Regiment persevered and overcame every conceivable obstacle placed in their path by their enemies to include Panzers elite paratroopers and tenacious garrisons of concrete and steel stretching from Sicily to the Westwall Not only did they uphold the honor of their regimental forebears but they set the standard for their successors who have fought in Vietnam the Gulf War of 1991 and the current war in Ira where the Regiment’s 1st Battalion serves at the time of this book’s publication American Iliad is however than an especially complete and comprehensive regimental history By combining information carefully culled from wartime reports with first hand accounts provided by the riflemen and machinegunners to battalion commanders and regimental staff officers the aut

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Ntry regiment achieved victory after victory against three different armies on two continents Combining Baumer’s years of meticulous research with the professional and historical expertise that Reardon a serving US Army officer has previously exhibited in his book Victory at Mortain American Iliad documents how the leaders of the 18th Infantry Regiment crafted combined arms teams and used effective sometimes brilliant maneuver to win battle after battle over 2½ years of combat The initiative flexibility and creativity these officers displayed is made abundantly evident yet their failures and mistakes are also examined as well Carefully crafted missions allowing subordinate leaders maximum latitude were clearly the norm and combined armor artillery engineer and infantry combat teams supported by air power when available were consistently preferred in accordance with the American tactical precepts of the time However the authors make clear that when the tanks bogged down or were knocked out by the enemy when the fighter bombers were grounded by bad weather or reallocated to a higher priority target and when the artillery couldn’t shoot for lack of observation or because targets were “danger close” the 18th Infantry Regiment was always pre

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