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Bat missions Mason gives staggering descriptions that cut to the heart of the combat experience the fear and belligerence the uiet insights and raging madness the lasting friendships and sudden death the extreme emotions of a chickenhawk in constant dang Brilliant Read it 30 years ago and loved it

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And photographs taken by him during the conflict this straight from the shoulder account tells the electrifying truth about the helicopter war in Vietnam This is Robert Mason’s astounding personal story of men at war A veteran of than one thousand com Excellent ReadBook Chickenhawk is Robert Mason s narrative of his experiences as a Huey UH 1 Irouois helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War The book chronicles his enlistment flight training deployment to and experiences in Vietnam and his experiences after returning from the warMovie Chicken Hawk Men Who Love Boys is a 1994 American documentary produced written and directed by Adi Sideman The film profiles members of the pedophilepederasty organization North American ManBoy Love Association NAMBLA who discuss sexual relationships between men and boys below the age of consentBook and movie seem like 2 different plotsAlso reminds me of the Platoon movie Fields of Fire bookA definite read that the Vietnam helicopter pilot may not have been on the ground but the horrors of the war followed him home forever to the United States

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A true story from the battlefield that faithfully portrays the horror the madness and the trauma of the Vietnam War More than half a million copies of Chickenhawk have been sold since it was first published in 1983 Now with a new afterword by the author Add this one to my long list of books about the American War in Vietnam I am the right age to have been drafted for that war but was not due to a variety of deferments and a high lottery number The short story is that I was considering fleeing to Canada if I was drafted but never had to make that momentous decision that would have significantly changed my life I never came to that fork in the road so will always wonder what I would have done if I was actually faced with that choiceThe book was published in 1983 the year Robert Mason was forty one years old eighteen years after he was a twenty three year old in Vietnam This is a personal narrative of what I saw in Vietnam and how it affected me The events all happened the chronology and geography are correct to the best of my knowledge The names of the characters have been changed Movies and books about Vietnam always have the Huey choppers coming and going from LZs delivering and picking up supplies and men They are often taking ground fire and sometimes coming down as a result But this is my first book that I have read that puts the reader in the head of the helicopter pilot on the ground and in the air Bob Mason wanted to fly from a young age and had his pilot s license before he graduated from high school Vietnam made an impression on those who fought there Mason is writing about events and feelings years later and it seems like you are right there Mason has been criticized for being too technical There is a diagram at the beginning of the book of a helicopter with all the major parts named There is also uite a bit of detail about how to actually maneuver a helicopter using hands and feet simultaneously It is way harder than patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time But this is far from a how to book But it does let you know that being a helicopter pilot in a war zone is a complex job Apparently you volunteer to be trained as a helicopter pilot so you are in this incredibly dangerous occupation by choice How many ways can you say War is hell The old man said nothing about Morris except that we ought to get some money together for flowers for his wife but Sherman took it upon himself to give a little speech that night Well we ve been pretty lucky up to now It was only a matter of time The other companies have taken a lot kills than we have so it s our turn now It looks like the overall ratio is one in five One pilot out of five will get killed We ve only lost two guys which puts us five away from the average We ve just been lucky I hated Sherman Now we were delinuent in our deaths Running behind in our proper death ratio were we Well we ll just see about that C mon you guys let s go out there and die I will have PTSD just from reading this book Short scenes and events strung together Moments in the lives and deaths of a group of men in a war The big story is the war The real stories are the individual actions and interactions between the men And then there is some occasional sane thinking I had never heard of a gook or a slope head or a slant eye or a dink who did anything but eat rice and shit and fight unending wars These tools and that waterwheel convinced me that there was a successful way of life going on around us but all we saw were savages backward savages fighting against the Communist hoards from the North Why were all the men of this beautiful village gone just when the Americans were right outside Wouldn t people under attack by the Communists welcome the men who were there to save them Or was I seeing the wrong way Maybe the only people who wanted us around were the Saigon politicians who were getting rich from having the Americans here The village was a long way from Saigon And the people weren t rich they were just people Robert Mason had over 1000 helicopter missions during his year in Vietnam Some moments were peaceful many were not At the first sound of the returning ships I went outside and watched The Hueys snaked out of the mist and with increasing noise gathered on the field west of the camp Huey after Huey hovered to a landing The field became a complicated dance of whirling rotor blades swinging fuselages and swirling mist The roaring rush of the turbines and the rotors swing lazily as the ships shut down The crew wandered up to the camp They all had come back The ships were shadows in the early morning mist We took off singly to join up out of the fog Climbing over vague trees we saw the earth disappear Riker who knew where he was going told me to turn left Just as I did we saw the phantom of a Huey cross immediately in front of us I lurched back on the controls but that was not what saved us from the midair collision Luck had been with us As he began to suffer from the accumulated stress at the end of his tour he found he was most comfortable when he was flying When I was flying my life was in my own hands When I was back at the camp the army was in control of my destiny He suffers from textbook PTSD that eventually drives him out of the air then out of the army The nightmares go on and on sleep comes with the help of alcohol And his life spirals down Death is almost always gruesome as it is described by Robert Mason in this most gruesome book There is the intensity of heroism too Eventually there is the heroism of going on with life having experienced so much deathThis book is so distressing than most war books I have read Lots of blood and guts and shattered bodies that were sometimes left to rot for several days so they could be easily located in the tall elephant grass by the smell Vietnam was a nightmare in so many ways Now we have unmanned drones that kill from the air and humans that blow themselves up in a crowdRobert Mason writes about his experience of the brutality of a war he fought when he was young He wrote about his time in Vietnam in 1965 66 For a while those fighting thought they were winning a war that would go on for years longer and claim many victims Chickenhawk is I think a regrettable title for an unforgettable book It captures the horrors of one man s war horror that is undoubtedly still with him these many years later He flew men on his chopper to their death and lived to be haunted by it This book may be too raw to give five stars Too many mangled bodies and destroyed minds Too surreal a world for too many men War is not the answer

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    Add this one to my long list of books about the American War in Vietnam I am the right age to have been drafted for that war but was not due to a variety of deferments and a high lottery number The short story is that I was considering fleeing to Canada if I was drafted but never had to make that momentous decision that would have

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    This is a book I have been wanting to read for a long time and it did not disappoint Robert Mason takes you along for the ride in his

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    One of the most iconic sounds that people relate to the Vietnam War is the “womp woosh” of American Huey helicopters Whether watching a film like Apocalypse Now or reading a book on the war those sounds will re

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    Chickenhawk I had to raise my rating on this reread to 5 Stars This is the story of a helicopter pilot and his experiences from training to combat in Vietnam He has a great eye for the successes and failures of the new ai

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    Others have said it better about this memoir Written in the years just after it occurred And which I failed to read in the than 50 years between Because it's too close to homeRobert Mason added an update as of 20

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    Excellent ReadBook Chickenhawk is Robert Mason's narrative of his experiences as a Huey UH 1 Irouois helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War The book chronicles his enlistment flight training deployment to and experiences

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    Brilliant Read it 30 years ago and loved it

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    I first read this book years ago and it is without a doubt one of the best war memoirs on my shelf and one to which I regularly return as I just did for the third time to read during a lengthy trip abroad The book recounts the training and duty tour of Robert Mason a helicopter pilot who served in the air cav during the height of the Vietnam conflict Many consider it the best book written by a Vietnam vet an

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    What a terrific book So much than I expected More than a memoir than a war book It feels like a window back through time to the jungles of Southern Vietnam where we find a war that is hard to understand and even harder to justify While I found myself disliking Robert Mason his book and his brutal honesty is hard not to respect He

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    A great great memoir of a vietnam huey pilot mason really puts you right in the action with amazing detail personal emotional and physical experiences and some humor thrown in for good reading I keep wavering between a 4 and 5 star read I still may change it I thought his writing was brilliant as it really put you in the jungles of vietnam provided experiences on so many levels emotional physical and persona

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