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’s Shadow When young magicians Carter and Sadie Kane learned how to follow the path of the Ancient Egyptian gods they knew they would have to play an important role in restoring Ma’at order to the world What they didn’t know is how chaotic the world would become The Chaos snake Apophis is loose and threatening to destroy the earth in three days’ time The magicians are divided The gods are disappearing and those who remain are weak Walt one of Carter and Sadie’s most gifted initiates is doomed and can already feel his life force ebbing Zia is too busy babysitting the senile sun god Ra to be of much help What are a couple of teenagers and a handful of young trainees to do There is possibly one way to stop Apophis but it is so difficult that it might cost Carter and Sadie their lives if it even works at all It involves trusting the ghost of a psychopathic magician not to betray them or worse kill them They’d have to be crazy to try it Well call them crazy With hilarious asides memorable monsters and an ever changing crew of friends and foes the excitement never lets up in The Serpent’s Shadow a thoroughly entertaining and satisfying conclusion to the Kane Chronicl. I think I need to take a break from Riordan s book for a while because they are starting to all feel the same Different kids and Gods but all the same basic story These Egyptian ones feel cheesier than the GreekRoman ones and some of the things aren t uite as creative but maybe that s because of the research he has not his writing And I find it really hard to keep track of all of the names because he uses SO many in the series many of them similar again I realize that is because he is using the names of the gods from the myths but he needs to help us remember who they are a little better As of right now I probably wouldn t read this series again because I don t like it as much as the Percy Jackson ones However I do like that he has made it like a transcription of a recording and the interaction between the siblings I don t like that there are so many love stories when they are only like 13 years old

CHARACTERS The Kane Chronicles The Kane Chronicles #1 3

The Kane Chronicles The Kane Chronicles #1 3

Raohs The Throne of Fire Ever since the gods of Ancient Egypt were unleashed in the modern world Carter Kane and his sister Sadie have been in trouble As descendants of the House of Life the Kanes have some powers at their command but the devious gods haven’t given them much time to master their skills at Brooklyn House which has become a training ground for young magicians And now their most threatening enemy yet the chaos snake Apophis is rising If they don’t prevent him from breaking free in a few days’ time the world will come to an end In other words it’s a typical week for the Kane family To have any chance of battling the Forces of Chaos the Kanes must revive the sun god Ra But that would be a feat powerful than any magician has ever accomplished First they have to search the world for the three sections of the Book of Ra then they have to learn how to chant its spells Oh and did we mention that no one knows where Ra is exactly Narrated in two different wisecracking voices featuring a large cast of new and unforgettable characters and with adventures spanning the globe this second installment in the Kane Chronicles is nothing short of a thrill ride The Serpent. so i recently read the AGAINthe Kane Chronicles it s uite a lovely story one reason being the idea princess gets kiddnapped sir Bollock must save her so on so forth I m uite sick of the idea of thatbut forget my ranting it is a great story theme and so on its about saving the world with magic and going to different dimensions and all kinds of epic adventuring that would make anyone happy also it appears to have LOL s in the book witch i admit i did laugh even though most jokes in a book make me just facepalm and say why in gods name am i reading this book tell me that happens to you please because it seems to happen to you or else i will just think i m bloody insane but thats not really the point now is it no its not now what else is there in the book is good charictar design there are many good things includeing a red kratosyes a red kratos not lieing when i say thatwell okay hes not called Kratos his name is set but i will call him red kratos anyway because he looks the same way as kratos with red skin lols well also it appears that if you understand but also they got a dwarf god a lot of good stuff also there is a great themebeing the hero s journey the great hero s journey over coming obsticals


The Red Pyramid Since his mother’s death six years ago Carter Kane has been living out of a suitcase traveling the globe with his father the brilliant Egyptologist Dr Julius Kane But while Carter’s been homeschooled his younger sister Sadie has been living with their grandparents in London Sadie has just what Carter wants school friends and a chance at a “normal” life But Carter has just what Sadie longs for time with their father After six years of living apart the siblings have almost nothing in common Until now On Christmas Eve Sadie and Carter are reunited when their father brings them to the British Museum with a promise that he’s going to “make things right” But all does not go according to plan Carter and Sadie watch as Julius summons a mysterious figure who uickly banishes their father and causes a fiery explosion Soon Carter and Sadie discover that the gods of Ancient Egypt are waking and the worst of them Set has a frightening scheme To save their father they must embark on a dangerous journey a uest that brings them ever closer to the truth about their family and its links to the House of Life a secret order that has existed since the time of the pha. His mix of mythology and modern life makes you feel like you could go out and find the magic

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    His mix of mythology and modern life makes you feel like you could go out and find the magic

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    Rick i am soarghbtw my review will contain spoilers i u hadn't read the book yet please do not proceed for i know what the spoilers feel like and i don't want anybody cursing me for thati don't know exactly me feelings right now hard to say that i was surprised when walt and anubis merged as a single person but still they completed

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    This series was good but I felt as the series progressed it sort of lost itself I'll explain what I mean by this by briefly

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    Well I must say I was excited to begin this series I expected so much given the Egyptian setting and mythology but the series fell a bit flat Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of character development even though we were told it was occurring tell me versus show me No one ever seemed to be in real danger during the bat

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    In this series Riordan tells the story of Egypt myth From this series I got many sources of knowledge about Ancient Egypt mythology such as their civilization magic symbols hieroglyphs Egypt writing system and statues Reading Riordan’s books feel like go back to the ancient history in the myth world I never get bored with his writing though Meeting with gods do the uest battle with ancient monsters and savi

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    so i recently read the AGAINthe Kane Chronicles it's uite a lovely story one reason being the idea princess gets kiddnapped sir Bollock must save her so on so forth I'm uite sick of the idea of thatbut forget my r

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    These books were just Just How do I say this?Life changing I am a diehard Rick Riordan fan and this is easily the best series Rick has written I love Percy Jackson and all but the Kane Chronicles just blew me away I believe they were better than any of the Heroes of Olympus or Percy Jackson and the Olympians books

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    Best humour found anywhere on the world I don't care who you are READ IT READ IT READ IT

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    I think I need to take a break from Riordan's book for a while because they are starting to all feel the same Different kids and Gods but all

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    The Kane Chronicles are three books about the Kane siblings and their connection to the history and deities of Ancient Egypt; we read these as books on CDMy 11 and 9 year old girls loved them and I did too They are exciting and meticulously researched and bring what could be dusty history to life in a way that kids and adults can appreciateI cannot recommend them enough and we are looking forward to author Ri

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