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Read A Short History of Congress Chamchagiri

Y touch confirming his standing as India’s most admired historian and public intellectua.

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A Short History of Congress Chamchagiri

Ther profiling individuals or analyzing a social trend Ramachandra Guha displays a masterl.

Ramachandra Guha Ê 6 Free read

Compelling incisive and wonderfully readable Whether writing about politics or culture whe.

2 thoughts on “A Short History of Congress Chamchagiri

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    To me this might be the smallest bookessay of Ramachandra Guha I would ever read In this essay he wrote on how the Chamchagiri or a culture of sycophancy has started and is prevailing in the Grand Old Party of India Defini

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    A good insight on how the congress party and Indira Gandhi in particular gave rise to the culture of dynastic politics in IndiaGuha has tried to clear Nehru of any blame and his suspected role in the rise of Dynastic Politi

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