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    This series is a breath of fresh air amidst your usual romance fare Kudos to Ms James for her talent in creating people and stories that leap up and grab the reader before they know what's going on The characters are indeed crazy if only because they exist outside the box of cookie cutter formulas The writing is finely detailed and sharply

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Summary ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Rachael James

’s ambition of following in her famous mother’s footsteps suelched was hard enough but when she discovered that the very foundation of her world was riddled with lies and deceptions her existence spiraled out of control until nothing made sense nothing but Trevor Dean The Biker  The tattooed biker bad boy with sky blue eyes and washboard abs was everything her mother detested but oh so perfect for McKenna The minute she saw him McKenna knew he w

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Baby Bitch

As the one the only one for her downfall And fall she did maddeningly intoxicatingly in love She just never dreamed that loving him might be the last thing she ever did The decision that would irrevocably change her life forever  When her mother would stop at nothing to keep them apart McKenna is forced to choose between her family and following her heart wherever the path may lead which might mean leaving her glitter filled stardusted kingdom forev

Summary ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Rachael James

Content Warning Due to mature content recommended for readers aged 18 The Princess  It was supposed to be the best year of her life but a few weeks after turning eighteen it was swiftly turning into the worst for McKenna Mallory Once upon a yesterday her life was seemingly perfect She had a fabulous family who adored her and the kind of beauty that left her future as endless as the night sky until everything came to a screeching halt Having her life