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Actress Businesswoman Trend setterBefore she was all these Sable Monariue was the timid awkward daughter of a disgraced family in the domed jungle city of Monaria After leaving home and crossing the Divide she reinvented herself

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N old flame isn’t the man she loved and left And now a conspiracy threatens to tear her city apart Sable needs answers fast before it’s too late to save Monaria Flux takes place after uartz Book One of The Sunless World serie

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In OakhavenSeven years later she returns with wealth a confident persona and a mage newly come into his powers It's time to rebuild what was lostBut Sable’s not the only one who's changed New families have risen to prominence A

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    This is actually the second book of a series which I didn't realize until I was well into it so it's hard to give a proper review It reuired a l

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    Flux is the seuel to uartz The Sunless World Book One and follows Rafe as he flees the political dangers of Oakhaven to the exotic garden city of Monaria Abandoned by Isabella Rafe has been left in the care of Sable Monariue once a notorious Oakhaven actress Rafe and Sable faced with the echoes of her family’s disgrace

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